Sunday, June 14, 2009

..Anniversary Celebration..

as usual, the update would be a week later than the actual occasion...sgt2 mls nk update..

last week on 7th june which fell on sunday, we had our anniversary celebration here:

Danga Bay International Restaurant

And we had it on Danga's Cruise.

*berlatar belakangkan danga bay sebelum 'berlepas'... Mr Hubby berposing...

we arrived around 8'oclock. naik feri, terus makan...dlm 830, feri pon start jalan..sapai 1030mlm.

the food was s0-s0 la, but cruising with Mr Hubby was fun to me.except for the last 30 minutes bile dh kesejukan..huhu, xleh tme kene bwk sweater..

gegambar atas feri:

it was a new experience to dine on a ferry. we did enjoy ourselves. Thanks, Bee.. :)

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