Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Same Road, Different Shoes

Same Road, Different Shoes

        When you want people to love you
               but they don't
        when you don't want people to stop loving you
               but they just do

And what if the table turns?

         When you don't want people to love you
              but they do
         when you want people to stop loving you
              but they just don't

What's gonna be the question, then?

Which one hurts more?
Which one hurts less?

or rather;

Which one hurts?
Which one doesn't?

Disclaimer: All poems may be or may not be from my own experience. Some are merely from observationsJust chill, don't speculate 😝😝

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Songs and Moments #1 [Temani Aku]

We all have that song(s) that specifically remind us of one specific moment every time we listen to it, right?

I have a few. Well, actually, a lot. So I'm going to make a list out of it in this blog.

#1 -  Temani Aku by Sheila on 7

Layaknya gelap malam
Yang indah karna bintang

Layaknya sang penyair
Yang elok karna puisi

Bagiku kau bintang
Selayaknya puisi
Tetaplah di sini peri kecilku

Bagiku kau bintang
Selayaknya puisi
Temani aku selamanya

This song reminds me of my journey with my family all the way from Terengganu to Penang the day before USM registration day back in 2002.

It was a very long journey.

My father played the SO7 album on the cassette player almost the whole journey. Yes, he liked SO7, too, influenced by me ehehe.

So every time I listen to it I'd remember how the 6 of us cramped in one car for more than 12 hours, the highways, the stops, the "are-we-there-yet" feelings.

And there were no Waze or Google Map whatsoever back then so, once we reached Penang, Abah had to ask around on how to get to Nibong Tebal.

I have to admit the memory was a little vague now, well, it's been 15 years. But some songs will never get old, right?

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Asam Pedas Kampung Sungai Melayu

One of the best Asam Pedas I've had. Gitu.

Lokasinya di area Gelang Patah. Boleh Google Map Asam Pedas Kampung Sungai Melayu.

Jalan nak ke tempat makan tu memang gelap, tak ada lampu jalan. Jalan pulak jalan kampung yang sempit kadang-kadang bila bertembung dengan kereta lain kena pandai-pandai bagi jalan. Kiri kanan kelapa sawit. Kami pergi lepas Maghrib maka boleh bayangkanlah suasana meredah hutan demi sesuap asam pedas.

But it's totally worth it. Makan sedap, harga pun okay, tak mahal. Kami makan asam pedas ikan merah RM14 untuk dua orang. 

Mula-mula sesat jugak tak jumpa pun kedai tu bila sampai kat Kampung Sungai Melayu. Cuak lah jugak. Entah kenapa teringat cerita Volkswagen Kuning tu pulak, haha, sengal.

Rupanya salah jalan. Kena follow signboard ke Dewan. Kedai tu memang betul-betul sebelah dewan. Tengahari diorang dah bukak so bolehlah pergi masa lunch hour. Selain asam pedas ada menu seafood lain, pun sedap. View pun cantik.

Gambar tak ada sebab tak ada mood bergambar masa tu.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Bank Simpanan Nasional (part II)

Actually, after all of these years of blogging, I just found out recently about this "Stat" thingy in the blogger dashboard. Rupanya kita boleh tengok blog visit kita daily, weekly, monthly. And even boleh tengok post mana yang ranked as the most-visited post.

**haha. makcik malu.

So, I noticed rupanya my post which was titled Bank Simpanan Nasional was among the most read ones. Why-lah? Seriously, ramai-ramai google Bank Simpanan Nasional tu, untuk apa ya?

Last time I talked about my personal experience to get the 3 months bank statements from BSN. Actually cerita tak habis. After blogging about my disappointment, I actually went to another branch of BSN, and surprisingly, I managed to get the statements on the spot. Of course ada charge-lah, tapi tak banyak pun, tak silap 50 cents each and they deducted from my account.

Kesimpulannya, sama macam kalau kita pergi "jabatan-jabatan tertentu", kalau kita jumpa Pegawai 1, beliau akan cakap begini begini. tapi bila kita jumpa pulak Pegawai 2, ehh, lain pulak jawapan dia. Maka jangan putus asa. Teruskan mencari jawapan sampai ke Pegawai berapa pun sampai ada jawapan yang sahih.

So, konsep yang sama lah dengan BSN ni, I guess. Pergi satu branch katanya begitu. Pergi branch lain, ehh, boleh pulak. Gitu.

So, no prejudice. Just keep looking for the answers / solutions. Walaupun macam bola ditolak ke sana ke sini. Hmm..

Monday, April 17, 2017


I bought her book "Puisi Tepi Jalan" at the Vendeur Festival back in 2015. And even got her autograph. One of her puisi in the book:

Pejam Bohong

dan semua akan aman.


-Fynn Jamal-

Simple words. Simple 6 words. Yet explains it all.

I like her words. I think in a way she's a genius to be able to put into words what most of us are unable to even comprehend.

I watch her last night when she went LIVE on Instagram and I did ask for some tips. And she replied! Haha.

Okaylah, tu je pun nak bebel.

Thursday, April 13, 2017


Dah a few weeks jugak tengok, baru ada mood nak tulis pasal movie ni.

I watched it because Emma Stone was in it. And because it's nominated for Oscar's Best Picture. I am so not into musical movies which is why I didn't watch it in cinema. Tengok CD boleh skip the singing parts ehehe.

I like the ending. It's nothing cliche like most of the movies. Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) and Mia (Emma Stone) met again, briefly, after being separated for years, but somehow they just moved on.

I think that's what the phrase of "We don't meet people by accidents. They crossed our path for a reason" is all about.

Their relationship didn't work out but they met each other to inspire each other to become what they want to become. Which they both did in the end.

So, I think that pretty much sums up the movie haha.

City of stars
Are you shining juts for me
City of stars
There's so much that I can't see
Who knows
I felt it from the first embrace I shared with you

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

..The Loss..In Memory Of A Friend..

I found this in draft section, it was something that I didn't finish writing back in the year of 2012.

So I think I'm publishing it, well, 5 years later. The original writing is in bold, blue, italic font.

*Started writing this on 19th May.
I might take a few days to finish writing this.
Don't really know how to start *sigh. It's just that, in my heart right now, I feel ...
I guess in a way, I just have to let it out, anyhow.
I lost a friend yesterday.
I've known her for more than two years. We've been lunch buddies for the whole period.
Last Tuesday I noticed she was not well. I saw her shivered and her face was pale. I did tell her to go back, go to clinic but she refused. She didn't have lunch that day, she wrote me a note that afternoon telling me she wanted to rest in surau.
She even did OT until 6pm, waiting for her husband to fetch her.

What I can still remember, she was admitted to hospital that night. And passed away the next Thursday. Everybody was so shocked because it happened so quick.

She was unconscious when we visited her. We were ready to go back to office after the visit when we received the call from her husband notifying us that according to doctor, there was no more hope for her.

So we all rushed back to ICU and we were there during her last breath, when the doctor shut down all the support machines. It felt so surreal at that time because I just talked to her 2 days before that.

But that's one thing about death. When it's time, it's time. Not even one second sooner or later.

Al-fatihah to my dear friend. May Allah bless your soul.