Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Value of 20 Cents

The other day I watched the mainstream evening news.

I feel sorry for those who complained about having to pay 20cents for the plastic bags. One even have the nerve to ask what the government is going to do with the money???

(Deep down, I hope he's being paid to make such a statement for whatever political reason so that I could assume he is not that ignorance)

I honestly think that the 20 cents is the price we pay to be educated to save the planet. Yes, one plastic bag at a time. And why not?

If we don't start any sooner, we are never going to.

It's already 2017 and our planet is dying and yet all we do is still: COMPLAIN.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Darjah 1

Recently FB newsfeed penuh dengan post kawan-kawan hantar anak darjah 1.

I still remember what it was like on my first day of standard one.Yelah, anak sendiri tak ada, jadi terkenangkan kenangan sendiri jelah, which I remember quite clearly until now.

I must say, I must've been such a tough kid back then hahaha. Entahlah.

What I can remember is that Abah yang hantar masa tu. Tapi Abah tak hantar sampai kelas pun. Abah hantar then Abah terus pergi kerja. Tak de tunggu-tunggu punya.

So aku sendiri-sendiri pandai-pandai beratur ikut entah mana-mana kelas masa cikgu bawak tour satu sekolah tunjuk toilet kat mana semua tu, turned out I followed the wrong class. When it was time to enter the classroom the teacher told me that my name was not listed under the class. Yang aku ingat lepas tu aku berdiri je luar kelas tu bersama dengan parents yang duk tunggu anak-anak masing-masing.

Come to think of that now, I don't understand why the teacher didn't help me to get to the right class 😔. Sampailah ada seorang kakak tu perasan yang aku berdiri kat luar kelas macam tu, dia belek nametag aku. Nasib baik Abah ada tuliskan nama kelas dekat belakang nametag. Zaman tu bukan pakai nametag yang jahit tu tapi nametag yang pin dekat baju. Jadi kakak tulah yang hantar aku pergi kelas yang sepatutnya.

The whole time I didn't cry cuma I remember feeling 'tak tahu nak pergi mana'.

Maybe that was one of the reason yang buat aku anti sangat dengan budak-budak manja. Because my whole life (even at the age of 7) aku dah berdikari kot.

I think masa tu mungkin ada miscommunication kot dengan Abah. Maybe Abah dah bagitau sepatutnya pergi mana cuma aku yang blur-blur pergi ikut salah kelas haha.

But it was all fine. Aku memang OK je masa tu tak nangis langsung pun. It was not a bad memory for me. It was one kind of a memory 😊.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Some predicted the worst.

The major downfall of world wide financial. And even the World War III.

But maybe it's just all predictions and assumptions. Remember 2012? Yeah, maybe it's just 2012 all over again.

I don't know.

As for myself, I have stopped making any new year resolution since 2009. New year is not about resolution anymore. It's not even supposed to be a celebration. Because every new year is another year deducted from our lifetime.

Let's just focus on making the best out of ourselves, without being so self-centered. Shall we?

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Kedai mamak

Bila orang nak potraykan betapa humblenya seseorang yang kaya, maka senario clichenya adalah : Makan kat kedai mamak.

The only thing that keeps popping in my mind everytime is:

"Kedai mamak tu murah ke?"

-Perspektif golongan biasa-biasa-

..Time Doesn't Heal..

Time Doesn't Heal

There are things 
          never get better in time

As we walk through life
trying to secretly bury them
pretending it isn't there
pretending it never gets to us

But some things are never forgotten

They are locked somewhere deep inside
sunk but never forgotten

Disclaimer: All poems may be or may not be from my own experience. Some are merely from observationsJust chill, don't speculate 😝😝

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

..The Art of Reflection..

The art of reflection

One can look into the mirror
             and yet see nothing

For the eyes only see
what the eyes want to see

It is the art of reflection
           that not many have mastered

To look within the soul

Into the soul
        with a soul

Disclaimer: All poems may be or may not be from my own experience. Some are merely from observationsJust chill, don't speculate 😝😝

Friday, December 23, 2016

Of Being the Realist

This was what crosssed my mind.

So I'm scribbling (typing) it in here.

Back in the days where there was no smartphones and social medias, people were more real. More genuine to themselves.

For instance, you wouldn't find a girl faking her passion towards hiking back then. It was simple. If a girl loves adventure, she'd be outdoor doing the adventurous stuffs. Just because she loves it.

Mostly people would choose to do things they love. There was no medium to show the world something that they're not.

But nowadays, most of us do it for the sake of uploading the pictures to social medias. It's not about the experience anymore. It's not about appreciating the moments anymore. It's all about what we want to portray in the social medias. To keep up with the hype.

I am actually reminding myself. Not to fall victim to this trend.

I wish to be more present in the present.

That's all.