Tuesday, April 24, 2012

..So-Called Restless Mind..

I am no longer the type yang dapat bantal terus lelap. I miss that. Huhu.

A lot of things to worry, I guess. But again, what they say about worry? ''It's like a rocking chair. It gives you work, but it doesn't take you anywhere''.

Speaking of not to worry, the dentist that I went few months ago taught me how to relax ''take deep breathe, and exhale slowly'' - do it several times - it'll relax our body.

Okay, good night.

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

..Life Is A Series of Count-Downs..

To me, it is.  In fact, that's what keeps me enthustiastic (*hope I spell it right).  It's really motivating to have some things to look forward to.

Zaman belajar, count down towards exams and the most exciting count-downs were towards balik kampung!!

Zaman dewasa lagi banyak count-downs kot.   The work deadlines, the vacations (sometimes), some special events (engagement and wedding day) and still has the balik-kampung-count-down.  In fact, as for me, semua benda, even for the small matter pun, i'd do the count-down :p

Speaking of which, can't wait for our so-called 'honeymoon' this coming Thursday *barulah rasa seronok nak Monday kan :)

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

..Insaf (sekejap)..

Dah beberapa kali terkena beli tudung online - and lepas tu jumpa the exact pattern and material kat pasar malam/pasar tani/pekan rabu dengan harga RM10 lebih murah. Belum masuk postage cost pos lagi tu.

Jadi dengan ini saya insaf sekejap beli tudung online. Err, except yang memang owner tu jual design dia sendirik - ini memang ai akan terus beli online :p

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

..127 Hours..

Been watching lots of true story-based movies lately - but this one is my top favourite. Although I watched it several times, I still could not get myself to watch the amputation scene. Ngeriiii!!!

After watching the movie, I googled and youtube-d Aron Ralston. I wanted to watch the real video he made during the trapping and I found this: http://youtu.be/NerTo86BE9w

I also found out that they made a documentary - Desperate Days in Blue Canyon *boleh carik kat You Tube - ada 6 parts altogether.

However, in the documentary, he only allowed the TV network to air the video of the first recording he made (which was on the second day) and only the audio version for the rest of his tape because 'it's too upsetting for his family and friends to see"

Btw,James Franco is so believable in the movie and the songs are awesome!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

..Divider Dilemma..

The thing that I love doing - home deco. At some point, berangan nak jadi interior designer lah pulak. Ha-ha. But who doesn't? I'm pretty sure that's everyone's dream job. Anyways, currently I'm quite occupied with this stuff, well, actually, occupied on carik-and-kumpul-idea of home deco design. So one of the major things need to be thought of is the space divider - to divide the living hall and dining hall.

This is quite tricky for me - given the small space. After some 'researching' here and there, I've narrowed down the choices to these 5:

This would be my choice, but, like I said - our space will be limited so I'm going to have to ditch this style. Nanti rumah nampak makin sempit. Like Eric Leong said - for small space, opt for space divider yang jenis 'nampak tak nampak'.

Kalau style macam ni - tapi tiang-tiang tu susun kat hujung je instead of centre macam picture ni ok jugak. Tapi dah banyak rumah buat style ni kan. I don't really like doing something yang dah ramai orang buat, so maybe not this one.

I don't love this idea but being considerate to En Hubby's hobby, I've included this aquarium style. BUT, when I ask hubby's opinion about this one, he replied sarcastically "Banyak duit?". Hah, there goes his share dalam perkongsian idea....

I actually love this hanging style so much. I think it's super-cool. But I'm not sure what type of material is this. And I'm not sure if this type suitable if there are kids around. Kalau jenis kain, confirm kena tarik-tarik. kalau jenis keras (wood, plastic. composite etc), kang terhantuk pulak.

This is the current type we're applying kat rumah sewa ni - using string curtain (excuse the messy house). Tapi tulah, since dah berapa tahun dengan style nih, konon-konon nak apply style lain pulak kat rumah baru nanti. However, it would save us some money to re-use this.

Adoiii..So indecisive.

So for now, I'll leave it here first. Will have to re-visit the choices again.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

..Reasoning Things..

CAUTION: This is just me rambling over nothing , so feel free to skip this.

I noticed lately my entries sounded 'grumpy' and 'angry'. I've tried to stay positive but I guess lately i have too much anger inside :(

And I slept a lot, too. Feeling down and feeling sleepy all the time. And the PMS thingy just made it worse. At some point, I saw me laughing at myself - preaching about being positive but at the same time I'm just an angry person.

I told En Hubby my inner conflict and he agreed I need a break from everything since he understood my surroundings nowadays are not helping at all. I hope our next get-away will make me calmer. Aside from that, I know I just need to focus on the happy things - I have tons of reasons to be happy, anyway.

And most importantly, I know Allah is always with me. And He equips me with these beautiful people (my husband, my family) for my strength. Isn't that the main reason to be happy?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

..Today's Stuffs..

1. Hate being in hair salon for 3 hours and a half. That's why I only go to salon once a year. I've stopped following-up with treatment what-so-ever. Malas!!

And today, the result is hideous. Have to go back again tomorrow. How come I didn't notice kat salon tadi....maybe tadi I tak pakai spec la kot..Benciiii!!!

2. Heard about the earthquake and tsunami warning afterwards. On the way nak pergi makan kat Senibong. Actually, found out sebab 'browsing' facebook. *Berguna jugak facebook ni kan. And by the time I'm writing this, tsunami alert for Indian Ocean has been cancelled. Alhamdulillah. Still, let our prayers go to the earthquake victims.

Teringat pulak masa earthquake+tsunami back in 2004, I was in Penang, I felt the slight shake sebab masa tu tengah ambik gambar, memang perasan ada goyang. Tapi tak terfikir pun earthquake ke apa masa tu. And at that time, there was no tsunami alert like nowadays.

3. My handphone masuk air. Entah macam mana air boleh tumpah dalam handbag. Looks okay, tapi nampaklah resapan air punya pattern kat LCD screen tu. Uwaaa... I'm not ready yet for handphone upgrade (financially). Maybe 'dia' ada 'dengar' kot ura-ura pasal nak 'upgrade' ni. Come on, it's not now, please, don't rosak on me yet. Huhuhu.

Monday, April 9, 2012

..Different, Not Less..

To me, this is a must-watch movie. It's so touching and moving. Read the sinopsis here.

An amazing one (it's a true story) with lots of moral value. One of them that I learnt - we might see some people as 'disabled' according to our 'normal' point of view - but actually the weakness is just a blessing in disguise. Like in this movie, her being as autistic is truly her strength.
*It also amazed me that in this movie - the part that Temple writes for a magazine of cows - it's like they have magazine for everything.

I guess, everybody wants to be extra-ordinary, but not everybody wants to embrace our own weakness (or disability). So this movie might teach us a thing or two.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

..Of Reading Stuff..

1. I love reading self-help books.

2. And magazines. Well, masa bujang dulu baca CLEO. Lepas kahwin, baca Women's Weekly and Her World. Despite the fact that I am no fashionista, I just couldn't miss a single issue. Tak tahu kenapa macam tu - maybe I just love the idea of having the idea - instead of applying them. Until lately, I've stopped buying those magazines. I guess I just have to be sensible, beli mana yang perlu jelah. So just proceed with home interior design and photography magazines.

3. And recently, there's a 'development' in my reading habit - I've started to purchase some novel (by some, I mean 2 novels dalam masa 8 bulan hahaha). I don't even know or care whether it's the best-selling ones by top authors and what-not, yang penting harga dia lebih murah compared to others on the shelf :p The main reason for me to start reading novel is that I think novels improve and enhance my vocabulary more compared to self-help books.

These two were my first two novels I purchased so far in my life (please don't laugh at me).
The Lucky One tu beli last month and baru baca the very first page (praises for the novels). Hmm..agak susah nak start baca novel.

Friday, April 6, 2012

..Friday Sharing..

1. I like this one - just stop complaining at all.

2. I also read in Irfan Khairi's facebook page, something like "Train yourself to think positively for a week in order to become a positive person. Quickly kill any negative thoughts and change it to positive one" - so yeah, let's do that :)

3. Happy working with a weekend mood :p

Monday, April 2, 2012

..Reminder on the Cough Syrup Bottle..

Saya tak pernah batuk macam ni - sampai 4, 5 kali terbangun tengah-tengah malam. Sian En Hubby terganggu sekali tidur dia. Pelik jugak, biasa dia kalau dah tidur tak sedar apa dah....

Semalam konon-konon nak 'shopping' kat Jusco Tebrau sebab demam macam dah kebah kan, tapi masuk je dalam satu outlet tu terbatuk-batuk tak hingat punya, non-stop and macam nak terkeluar isi perut huhu, i quote my sis regarding this type of batuk "Sampai hijau muka". Terus cancel plan, and terus balik jek. Sampai rumah, demam balik.

Hari ni kat office, dua kali kena batuk macam tu. Sekali tu kat kantin. Nasib baik sempat berlari-lari ke toilet. Tak tahulah orang lain tengok keadaan saya macam mana masa tu, sebab kalau nak describe, rasanya macam dalam movie yang scene manusia nak bertukar jadi 'alien' or 'monster' or 'warewolf' or what-so-ever. *okay, exaggerated, pengaruh filem yang terlalu kuat..


Btw, cakap pasal batuk ni, teringat zaman studi dulu, kelas Dr Zainal (sekarang dah prof) yang garang tu, saya pernah terbatuk macam tu, sampai die berhenti mengajar kat depan. Memang un-stoppable batuk ni, tak tahu nak buat apa. Luckily there was this one kind Chinese girl sitting in front of me - she put a Hacks sweet on my table and I desperately put it in my mouth. And the cough stopped.

*Although this time around, the Hacks method does not seem to work anymore :(

So lepas maghrib tadi, pergi Klinik Penawar (kali ke-3 pergi klinik dalam masa seminggu), dekat botol ubat batuk tu ada reminder ni:


Tula dia - the reminder on the cough syrup. *Insaf*