Thursday, December 30, 2010

..What the..

So officially, no public holiday for us tomorrow. Well, of course lah, month end, what do I expect kan...

But - it will be replaced to next Friday. Good new, right?

Wait till later.

Got an e-mail from Finance department that for those who were selected as auditors for stock-take are compulsory to work on next Friday. #*&@^#**. This is so00000000000000000 not acceptable *cry.

Coming to work on a public holiday for a stock-take. That's just great.


..Congratulations Malaysia Team..

Yeay, Malaysia menang 4-2 :)

Hopefully budak-budak muda yang belum bergelumang dunia glamor ni will continue their great performance and keep improving in future. Chaiyok2.

First match saya tak tengok langsung - tertidur. Second match malam tadi pun first half je tengok lepas tu terus pengsan hehehe.

Perasan tak cameraman semalam asyik fokus perempuan-perempuan cantik? Haha.

Private sector cuti tak esok nih.................... Nak cuti jugak.............

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

..Dreaming The Dream..

Last night, I had a dream.

I was on a bridge, in some cliff-y place, getting ready to bungee-jump.

One of my 100-Things-To-Do-Before-I-Die is this. Yup, bungee-jumping.

But I didn't even do it - I just stood there and imagining what it feels like to jump.

See, even in dream I don't have guts to do it :(


Posting from my new. Gadget. Tak pandai guna sangat lagi.

Sori buyan, nampaknya tak dapat lah join gang blackberry you :@

Sunday, December 26, 2010

..Color of The Sky..

Terjumpa gambar lama ini masa tengah godek-godek isi laptop.

Cahaya yang sangat cantik kat langit.

This was taken in 2007, on the way balik from work, seingat saya somewhere around Kempas. Using ordinary compact digi-cam.

*2007 was the year my passion for photography grew stronger. I've developed the interest since I was in my final year in USM but at that time, I didn't even have a camera.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

..Fatter But Lighter..

How is that possible?

Nowadays I always get the remark "Dah gemuk sket skang", especially from those who doesn't see me everyday.

But yesterday, RIGHT after eating, I pergi timbang berat. Terkejut sebab lepas dua kali timbang, my weight consistently showed as 41kg, which is 2kg less than my usual weight. After makan pulak tuh. And yet people told me I look chubbier?

Bingung rasa.

When En hubby pegang tangan saya dia pun kata "Macam kulit dan tulang saja". The truth is I did feel that I get skinnier these days but I don't know why. Rasanya makan macam biasa je.

Or is it the stress?


Friday, December 24, 2010

..Spontaneously Heart-Warming..

Situation : Tengah pikir nak dinner kat mana..

En Hubby : Baru ni kita ada makan tomyam yang sedap tu. Kat mana ek?
Me : *Kerah otak nak mengingat makan kat mana..
En Hubby : Dah ingat...Tomyam yang awak masaklah.....
Me : *Sengih sampai telinga.. hehehe.

..On Happiness..

"The more happiness we bring to others, the happier we ourselves become"

"Genuine happiness is found in courage. Courage is the gateway to happiness"

"A peaceful life does not mean a life free of toil and suffering, rather it means living without being swayed no matter what happens. This is a state of true peace and happiness"

Thursday, December 23, 2010

..Top Load Vs Front Load..

When you rent a very very small house, you have to be extra-creative in decorating, especially in arranging stuff.

I have problem with my washing machine. There's no space to hide it. Rasa macam pelik sangat orang datang boleh nampak washing machine.

Since buying house is not in our short-term plan yet, then my idea is buy another washing machine which looks cool - at the same time it can function as a decoration tool. Haha - now I think that sounds crazy, right?

*Of course, the other main reason is because the current one dah mula buat hal dan bunyi.

So, to me washing machine that looks cool is the front load one. But of course, it's very pricey compared to the top load type. Still surveying and still comparing. Still indecisive.

But anyhow, here's several points of comparison between these both types after some researching so far. May be useful for those who are in dilemma like me.

Front load:

1. Energy efficiency - jimat air & elektrik
2. Gentle on clothing

Top Load:

1. Faster cycle than the front load washing machine.
2. Easy to load and empty

So which one?

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

..Jering Rebus Cicah Kelapa..

Tiba-tiba hari ni teringat kat makanan ni. Tak ingat bila last makan. Maybe when I was 12 years old kot.

Jering yang dimakan dengan kelapa yan diparut - but don't ask me how exactly it is cooked.

Seingat saya dulu Mak selalu beli tiap-tiap kali pergi pasar during weekend. Agaknya ada lagi tak sekarang ni?

Pic: Yahoo Image

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

..Finally, EVER AFTER..

I was dying to watch this movie since I was a teenager. Huhu, giler lame.

Finally get to watch it tonight, thanks to Star Movies :)

Hmm..Why am I in such a fairy tale mood nowadays....

..The Break-Up Part III..

They're breaking up, too? Why-lah?

Monday, December 20, 2010

..Rapunzel - A Tangled Tale..

I think of all fairy tales, this one is the least familiar to me. Before watching the movie, the little thing that I know about the tale is that there's a princess with super-long hair locked up in a tower and then is rescued by a 'prince'. I didn't recall ever read about this whole tale.

So, I went to watch the movie last Saturday with sister-in-laws. They actually want to watch the Narnia, but I, as always, couldn't bring myself to want to watch that kind of movie. So I have to make the girls to want to watch the Rapunzel. Haha. Siapa yang budak-budak ni :P

And fortunately, Narnia is rated as PG13 and my SIL is only 12. Hahahaha, I won *gelak kejam.

The movie was so hillarious. Part kelakar memang sakit perut gelak, part sedih memang rasa nak nangis and part romantik memang sangat-sangat sweet. Langsung tak rugi pergi tengok and I wouldn't mind watching it all over again. And Mandy Moore is just the perfect voice for Rapunzel.

And the hero in this movie is not a prince - he's a thief, instead. But a very handsome one, of course :P

Sunday, December 19, 2010

..Becoming Next Maya Karin...

But not as in becoming as beautiful as her, of course. For that, I won't have any tips :P

What I mean is becoming an environmental person like her.

One of our tiny way to help save our environment - RECYCLE!!

Not difficult for me because there's one Uncle in our neighborhood (just opposite my house) who buys the stuffs and later sell them back to the recycle central. So I can spare out the hassle of loading these into car to bring them to recycle central.

Let's recycle plastic, paper and aluminium products.

Friday, December 17, 2010

..The Always-Awaited-Friday..

It's Friday at last!!

I am now quite tired with current routine - kinda drive me nuts but I must not complain.

As one of the theraphy, I'm thinking of watching Rapunzel tomorrow :P

Happy working towards the weekend, everyone :)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

..Hari Asyura..

Persitiwa-peristiwa penting yang berlaku pada Hari Asyura (10 Muharram):

Perkara sunat dilakukan pada Hari Asyura:
  1. Melapangkan masa / belanja anak dan isteri
  2. Memuliakan fakir miskin
  3. Menahan marah
  4. Menunjukkan jalan yang lurus/membetul orang sesat/orang yang salah(terpesong aqidah(tauhid) dan akhlaknya)
  5. Menyapu / mengusap kepala anak yatim(menghormati dan memuliakan mereka)
  6. Bersedekah
  7. Memelihara kehormatan diri
  8. Mandi Sunat dengan lafaz niatnya: "Sahaja aku mandi sunat hari Asyura kerana Allah Taala."
  9. Bercelak
  10. Membaca Qulhuwallah(Surah Al-Ikhlas) hingga akhir seribu kali
  11. Sembahyang sunat empat rakaat dengan lafaz niat: "Sahaja aku sembahyang sunat hari Asyura empat rakaat kerana Allah Taala. Pada rakaat pertama dan kedua selepas al-Fatihah di baca Qulhuwallah sebelas kali.
  12. Menjamu orang berbuka puasa
  13. Puasa Sunat Asyura dengan niatnya dibaca Sahaja aku berpuasa esok hari sunat hari Asyura kerana Allah Taala.

Source: Wikipedia

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

..The Break-Up Part II..

Heard on the radio this morning about this:

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens already broke up!!!

Hahaha, apa motif entri ini pun tak tau - dah macam wartawan hiburan la pulak :P

..The Drama Queens..

Have you ever met / known someone who is so unbelievable that makes you think "Rupanya ada orang macam ni kat dunia ni. Ingatkan dalam drama je".

Monday, December 13, 2010

..New Header..

Macam tadika :P

Friday, December 10, 2010

..How's It Gonna Be..

Right now for me, there's nothing current which is interesting to listen to on the radio. So I found this song while searching for something my ears would want to hear.

Kalau tak silap ni lagu zaman high school dulu.

I'm only pretty sure that
I can't take anymore
Before you take a swing
I wonder, what are we fighting for

When I say out loud
I want to get out of this
I wonder, is there anything I'm gonna miss

I wonder
How's it gonna be
When you don't know me
How's it gonna be
When you're sure I'm not there
How's it gonna be
When there's no one there to talk to you
Between you and me
'Cause I don't care
How's it gonna be
How's it gonna be

Where we used to laugh
There's a shouting match
Sharp as a thumbnail scratch
A silence I can't ignore
Like the hammock by the doorway we spent time in
Swings empty
I don't see lightning like last fall
When it was always about to hit me

I wonder
How's it gonna be
When it goes down
How's it gonna be
When you're not around
How's it gonna be
When you found out there was nothing
Between you and me
'Cause I don't care
How's it gonna be

How's it gonna be
When you don't know me any more
And how's it gonna be

Want to get myself back in again
The soft dive of oblivion
I want to taste the salt of your skin
The soft dive of oblivion, oblivion

How's it gonna be
When you don't know me any more
How's it gonna be
How's it gonna be
How's it gonna be

Thursday, December 9, 2010

..Nasi Lemak..

Nasi lemak yang sedap kat Kemaman - introduced by Mak Abah. Sambalnya memang kena dengan selera, tak pedas dan ada rasa manis-manis.

Jadi sekarang, bila balik kampung, mesti nak kena cari ini, dah bertambahlah list 'must-have-food'.

Yang pinggan hijau tu double, En Hubby punya.

Lokasinya - gerai no 3 dari kiri, kat Padang Astaka Kemaman.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

..The Best Murtabak in the World..

..well, at least to me.

I introduced this murtabak to En Hubby, and he had become addicted to it since then.

Kuah dia - of course Terengganu style, kuah bawang.

Normally every time we go back to Kemaman, my parents surely will buy the murtabak, without us having to request :)

Kedai makan dia buruk je, tepi jalan. Kalau on the way dari Kuantan ke Kuala Terengganu, dia kat belah kanan. Just opposite the Kak Zah Nasi Air warung, area Kampung Besut.

Nama warung ni - Warung Sri Baiduri. Actually saya pun baru tau nama dia ni sebab biasanya cuma panggil 'kedai murtabak yang sedap' , hehehe. Selain murtabak, warung ni ada roti canai, nasi minyak dan masakan panas.

I'm not sure what makes it so addicting - maybe sebab dia tak kedekut daging, memang banyak and memang rasa daging dia unlike some place which murtabak dagingnya rasa telur and bawang, instead of beef.

These are the other choices of murtabak (and roti canai):

Please try if you ever come to Kemaman :)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

..Salam Maal Hijrah..

Cepatnya masa berlalu...

Pejam celik, here we are - in another new year.

I dont have any new year resolution since some of my last year's resolution still haven't accomplished yet.

Let's work harder this year :)

Monday, December 6, 2010

..I'm Back..

Rindu nyer kat blog...

Rasa macam dah lama je tak update. Don't really feel like blogging these past few days but I'm back now :)

Quick update:
1. Went back to Terengganu on 2nd until 5th Dec - sambut Mak Abah balik dari Mekah
2. My niece, Aisya got cheekier and naughtier..dah pandai buli and gaduh ngan T-Long dia... adoiyai :P
3. Saya sudah agak berani dukung Lil' Soffea who is just 30++ days young :)
4. Family vacation plan on next year already confirmed :)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

..Another Wisdom Words for the Weary Soul..

Copied from Ustaz Zaharudin:

"Prolonged association with NEGATIVE PEOPLE makes us think negatively; close contact with PETTY individuals develops petty habits in us. Conversely, companionship with people with BIG IDEAS raises the level of our thinking; close contact with AMBITIOUS people gives us ambition"

Sadly, I'm kinda 'stuck' with negative and petty ones. Which makes me mostly mad all the times. I am tired of people bad-mouthing other people, tired of their non-stop complaints... But I guess, it's in their blood already...

And me, I am really in need of the positive aura right now *deep sigh.

Something to keep me positive for at least today:

"Give thanks for what you are now, and keep fighting for what you want to be tomorrow"


"Never allow the world to change you. Instead change the world around you!"

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Another favourite song back in uni time - "Vindicated" by Dashboard Confessional. Best kan lagu ni.

Hope dangles on a string
Like slow spinning redemption
Winding in and winding out
The shine of it has caught my eye

And roped me in
So mesmerizing, so hypnotizing
I am captivated

I am Vindicated
I am selfish
I am wrong
I am right
I swear I'm right
I swear I knew it all along

And I am flawed
But I am cleaning up so well
I am seeing in me now the things you swore you saw yourself

So clear
Like the diamond in your ring
Cut to mirror your intentions
Oversized and overwhelmed
The shine of which has caught my eye
And rendered me so isolated, so motivated
I am certain now that


So turn
Up the corners of your lips
Part them and feel my finger tips
Trace the moment, fall forever
Defense is paper thin
Just one touch and I'd be in
Too deep now to ever swim against the current
So let me slip away [3x]
So let me slip against the current
So let me slip away [4x]


Slight hope
It dangles on a string
Like slow spinning redemption...

P/S : Vindicate means 'to prove that something is true or that you were right to do something , especially when other people had a different opinion'

Friday, November 26, 2010

..Count Down..

Mak Abah will be coming back this Thursday :)

Bila tengok berita pasal jemaah haji yang dah balik rasa teruja, tak sabar nak jumpa Mak Abah.

Mak hari tu siap pesan nanti jumpa kalau boleh jangan cium-cium dulu, takut ada jangkitan..

Comel je kan :)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

..Me and my messy stuff..

Sometimes i think i am more 'organized' with being messy. Because saya ni jenis yang campak-campak je barang and campur je semua barang without categorizing it. And 'magically', I normally manage to find the thing when it's needed - it'll just take longer time :P

And i think i proved it right when i tried to be neat and organized - letak barang-barang di tempat yang sepatutnya instead of atas sofa, instead of dalam bakul baju post-washing, and now i lost them all.

Dah berbulan-bulan barang-barang yang hilang tak dapat dijumpai. I totally forgot where is the 'tempat sepatutnya'!!!

Adoiyai.. I should have just let my messy things as they are...

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

..The Break-Up..

These two are splitting up already...Sayangnya, because they look so sweet and 'loving' together. Apalah Tony Parker ni - dapat wife yang cukup gorgeous and funny macam tu pun still nak menggatal dengan orang lain. Tak paham betul...

Well, good look, good personality still don't promise happiness. Then whatelse do? *sigh

Btw, these are my other favourite couples *who are still not splitting up ;P Let's hope they wont la kan?

Chris Martin & Gwyneth Paltrow
Ben Afflect & Jennifer Garner

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

..The Positive One..

I really admire this America's Next Top Model season 14's runner-up.


I think she's pretty, but the more interesting fact about her is her positive attitude.

She didn't cry, didn't crumble over her losing. Instead, she managed to still think positive that although she didn't win the competition, she had learned and gained a lot from it.

And she can still smile and congratulate the winner - so sweet lah this girl...

I hope I can learn to be that positive.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

..The Long Weekend..

Tomorrow is Sultan Johor's birthday so it's public holiday.

Tetiba rasa macam nak berjalan so last Friday, I spontaneously proposed to En Hubby to go to Melaka. And he agreed!

Semalam bertolak ke Melaka around 2pm, arrived Melaka at 5pm. Will update pictures in the next next entry. Dan hari ni dah balik JB dah.

Btw, hari Jumaat before cuti someone told me "Cuti lagi. Penatlah cuti" - although a few days before she was so excited counting down the days to the long weekend. Saya yang kehairanan tanyalah "Cuti pun penat?"

Jawapan dia : "Yelah, saya cuti bukannya boleh baring-baring, tidur-tidur...Anak-anak saya bukan reti duduk diam..blabla.."

Ok. First - saya pun tak de baring-baring, tidur-tidur time cuti walaupun saya tak de anak.

Second - Can't you just let your kids play, instead of yelling at everything they do? I think, then only you can 'rest'.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

..Salam Aidiladha..

Me - beraya di JB. Dan saya sangat terharu dengan adik-adik yang pandai membawa diri beraya tanpa Mak Abah di tanahair. I think I do not need to worry about them too much anymore, they are big boys now...

As for me, I tried to make a decent Raya meal *kunun-kunun, but yet, we still ended up eating in McDonald. Rupa-rupanya ramai je yang 'beraya' kat McDonald ni huhuhu.

Nak dijadikan cerita siap masak pagi tadi around 10am (huhu, lewatkan? contrary to my officemates yang petang semalam semua rushing nak masak after balik kerja). Masak nasi kunyit dengan rendang ayam. And owh, that was my first rendang ayam ever :) Tengah siap-siap nak serve untuk dimakan, mangkuk yang saya dah isi nasi kunyit tu tiba-tiba pecah - by itself. Tak pasal-pasal kang ada yang makan serbuk kaca, makanya, terpaksa buang. Arggh..Nak masak lagi sekali makan masa - 2 kali kukus tuh...Perut dah lapar, so the fastest choice is McDonald.

Btw, presenting my first Rendang Ayam (tak dapat carik daun kunyit, letak daun limau purut saja). Mintak resepi from my aunt di malam raya.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

..Recipe Card Box..

I don't cook that much, and in fact my One Week One Recipe project sudah mula terbengkalai.

But anyway, I just love the idea of having a Recipe Card Box, you know, the one like Bree, Katherine and Angie in Desperate Housewives have. Nampak macam cool je flipping over cards when searching for recipe.

Besides, recipe collection will be more organized because normally, everytime I call my mother for a recipe, I would just scribble the ingredients on any paper I can find at that moment and of course, lepas tu hilang.

Or even if I write it down in my organizer, every new year when the organizer needs to be changed then the problem occurs again.

So I went to Yahoo and found a few examples:
I love this one the most:

I think I need to find one. Maybe that is another way to motivate myself to cook.

..Welcoming Airiss Soffeya..


Arggh, entri tertunda lagi...

This is Buyan's second daughter. This lil' angel was born on 31st October. And this pic was taken when she was almost 2 hours young. *I was among the earliest ones to see her..bangga2. And she looked exactly like her sister, Aisya.

Dear Soffeya (or Soyya as per Aisya calls her),

Welcome to the family. Can't wait to see you grow up ad team up with your sis, being cheeky and adorable together. Really can't wait :)

You also can call me "Kakak" like your sister calls me - I won't mind heheheh.

And you should know one thing, you're the reason my fever got 'kebah' that day. Yup, the moment I heard about your birth, suddenly my fever all went away :)

Right now, I can't wait to see you this 2nd Dec.

And to Buyan, walaupun berpantang sendiri, jangan mengelat-ngelat yer :P Takecare dear...

Monday, November 15, 2010

..Muslimah Salon..

I think nowadays it's hard to find a salon to suit the need of not showing-off our hair to the mahram. Normally hair saloons (even those that owned by Muslim) are unisex saloon and see-through types where people from outside can see us.

But luckily here in Taman Universiti, Skudai, there's one muslimah salon which is solely for woman and 'closed' enough not to be seen from outside. Bila nak masuk kena tekan buzzer kat luar tu then only the staff will open the door for you.

The hairstylists there are skillful, too jadi memang puas hati datang sini. And they also have one more branch in Bandar Baru Uda.

The addresses:

No 116-01, Jalan Pendidikan 7,
Taman Universiti, Skudai


No 29, Jalan padi Emas 3/1,
Bandar Baru Uda, JB

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Our favorite pastime activity during weekend - car hunting (belinya tak jugak hehehe)

Today we went to Proton to check out on the new Lancer-look-alike Proton Inspira. I don't really know about cars, so let's just take a look at the pictures :)

Btw, this is the 1.8 model. We're looking foward to come again when the 2.o model is available in the show room and for a test-drive.

*above pics taken with phone camera, please excuse the poor quality image

For pricing, please click to enlarge image:

Saturday, November 13, 2010

..Love The Way You Lie Part II..

First time dengar semalam masa balik kerja. Seriously, I love this duo.

Best gila! The lyric is crazy but I love it!
Like "You'll always be my hero, even tho you lost your mind"? Haha.

Enjoy the song :) And owh, click to watch the video clipof the so-called part I ..

For this part II, can't find the official video clip...

On the first page of our story, the future seems so bright.
And this thing turned out so evil, I don’t know why I’m still surprised.
Even angels have their wicked schemes and you take death to new extremes.
But you’ll always be my hero, even though you lost your mind.

Just gonna stand there and watch me burn,
But that’s alright because I like the way it hurts.
Just gonna stand there and hear me cry,
But that’s alright because I love the way you lie, I love the way you lie.
I love the way you lie.

Now this gravel in our voices, glass is shattered from the fight.
In this tug of war, you’ll always win, even when I’m right.
Cause you feed me fables from your hand,
With violet words and empty threats and it’s sick that all these battles are what keeps me satisfied.

Just gonna stand there and watch me burn,
But that’s alright because I like the way it hurts.
Just gonna stand there and hear me cry,
But that’s alright because I love the way you lie, I love the way you lie.
Ohhh, I love the way you lie.

So maybe I’m a masochist
I try to run but I don’t wanna ever leave.
Til the walls are goin’ up in smoke with all our memories.

This morning, you wake, a sunray hits your face
smeared makeup as we lay in the wake of destruction
hush baby, speak softly, tell me I’ll be sorry that you
pushed me into the coffee table last night so I can push you off me
try and touch me so I can scream at you not to touch me
run out the room and I’ll follow you like a lost puppy
baby, without you, I’m nothing, I’m so lost, hug me
then tell me how ugly I am, but that you’ll always love me
then after that, shove me, in the aftermath of the
destructive path that we’re on, two psychopaths but we
know that no matter how many knives we put in each other’s backs
that we’ll have each other’s backs, ’cause we’re that lucky
together, we move mountains, let’s not make mountains out of molehills,
you hit me twice, yeah, but who’s countin’
I may have hit you three times, I’m startin’ to lose count
but together, we’ll live forever, we found the youth fountain
our love is crazy, we’re nuts, but I refused counselin’
this house is too huge, if you move out I’ll burn all two thousand
square feet of it to the ground, ain’t shit you can do about it
with you I’m in my f–kin’ mind, without you, I’m out it

Just gonna stand there and watch me burn,
But that’s alright because I like the way it hurts.
Just gonna stand there and hear me cry,
But that’s alright because I love the way you lie, I love the way you lie.
Ohhh, I love the way you lie.
I love the way you lie.

..Perihal Bookmark..

Bila semua page di-marked as "Bookmark This Page" last-last jadi berjela-jela dah list itu.

Nak search favourite website kat situ pun dah tak pantas lagi, especially bila tak berapa nak ingat title website.

Last-last kena search kat Google jugak. Adehla.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

..A Night Without Armor..

This was released long time ago back in 1998.

Tetibe teringat balik. Macam mana nak cari buku ni. Help...

..Arabic and Syrian Cuisine..

Ada satu tempat makan baru buka kat Taman U, just opposite Ani Sup Utara for Arabic and Syrian Cuisine - Bilal Alsham

Tapi nampak restoran tu macam tak berapa nak ramai orang, mungkin orang tak berapa perasan kewujudan dia.

We went there masa saya tengah demam so I didn't really enjoy the food.

Here was what we had:

Chicken Kebab

Dah lupa nama nasi ni, tapi bagi yang dah biasa makan nasi beriani akan rasa nasi ni serba kekurangan rasa:
This one tasted more like Begedil, with potato and beef:

Fruit cocktail:

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

.Ibu Mertuaku.

Last 2 weeks I started to have fever. Isnin start demam. Selasa MC. Rabu & Khamis pergi kerja walaupun tak berapa nak kebah. Khamis macam makin teruk. Masa tu En Hubby dah beli tiket bas balik kampung untuk interview for Friday. (*pelik kan kilang kat Terengganu kerja hari Jumaat?)

Mula-mula saya memang plan tak nak ikut sebab sayangkan annual leave. Tapi hari Khamis tu bila demam tak baik-baik, saya memang nak ambik MC la Jumaat tu - nak rest sampai betul-betul baik. Bila pikir-pikir dengan keadaan lembik macam tu - tak berani nak tinggal sorang-sorang kat JB. Maka saya suggest En Hubby jual balik tiket bas dan balik ngan kereta
sebab saya nak ikut balik. Mengade betul kata En Hubby :P

Sebenarnya nak cerita pasal Ibu Mertuaku kan..lari topik pulak.

Sepanjang dekat kampung, my MIL jaga saya dengan baik sangat. Saya memang tak tolong masak langsung pun - my MIL suruh saya berehat je.

Ada sekali tu, saya batuk teruk tak berhenti-henti, rasa macam nak terkeluar isi perut dah, then my MIL ketuk pintu bilik kata nak tolong sapu Vicks kat belakang dan urut-urut.

Pastu pagi-pagi hidung saya berdarah, my MIL pergi petik daun pokok bunga raya. Dia rendam daun tu dalam air dan mandikan kepala saya dengan air rendaman daun bunga raya tu.

Mula-mula saya nak basahkan sendiri kepala, tapi dia kata "Biar mak buat, kalau buat sendiri nanti mesti ngelat.."

Terharu sangat saya. Memang dia jaga saya macam jaga anak sendiri..sob sob.

Terima kasih Mak :)

Monday, November 8, 2010

..Johor Food One Stop Centre..

Kalau datang Johor dan tak cukup masa nak try makanan-makanan Johor, maka datanglah ke sini:

Lokasi : Belakang Stesen Bas Larkin, bersebelahan Plaza Larkin.

Semua makanan Johor yang famous ada kat sini - mee bandung, mee rebus, asam pedas, soto, nasi beriani etc etc

We had breakfast once here and tried Kacang Pool - cicah roti dalam kuah - sedap, kuah dia rasa macam sardin.

And also Mee Rebus (kalau kat area Selangor mee macam ni dipanggil Mi Jawa).
Yang ni Mee Rebus Special - ada Udang celup tepung.

I think this is the best teh tarik ever. Teringat-ingat sampai sekarang.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

..Entri Tertunda : Mak Abah's Departure for Haji..Part II

Ok, sambungan.

Aisya & Tok Abah

Friendly Aisya pergi tegur and salam-salam kawan baru :)

Of course there were teary moments which were successfully captured by the paparazzis tapi tak nak letak gambar-gambar itu.

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Mak Abah on the big screen.

Later that evening, I went to the airport (with En Hubby, MIL, SILs and BIL) again when Mak Abah informed that there were 'rumors' the flight will depart at 640 pm, which was not. Sapela yang buat rumors tu ek..

Ramai jugak orang yang nak tengok flight berlepas ni hehehe.

That was my hand, waving at the plane :(

The plane took off at 8pm.

Mak called the day after at 630am Malaysia time to inform they had safely arrived in Jeddah and will be taking bus afterwards to Madinah.

At this present moment, Mak Abah already in Mekah. We all miss our parents so much. Last Friday I called Mak, she was having flu. Really hope Mak will get well soon.

Mak Abah will be coming back on this 2th of December. Until then, let's pray Mak Abah diberikan kesihatan yang baik dan dipermudahkan semua urusan.