Friday, December 30, 2011

..Last Working Day for 2011::

I don't really know how to summarize my 2011 in terms of career path. 

But, anyway, for my office calendar, I always choose the one with motivational words.

So here goes some thoughts to end the year and to begin a new one.

My Dec'12 motivational words:

''You have to learn the rules of the game.  And then you have to play better than anyone else''

And Jan'12 says:

''It takes struggle, a goal and enthusiasm to make a winner''.

That's all as a wrap, I guess.

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Thursday, December 29, 2011

..Lada Hitam..

Malam tadi pergi beli groceries kat Jusco. 

Dekat bahagian rempah-rempah tu, berlakulah conversation ni:

Hubby:Cari apa tu?

Me : Lada hitam..

Hubby: Hmm..kenal ke lada hitam tu yang mana satu?

Argghh...mentang-mentanglah hari tu tengok Masterchef yang teka bahan tu dia tahu lagi banyak dari I..huhu.

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Sunday, December 18, 2011

..A Cry for Help?..

I understand some people are just too proud to be taking any form of help from others, despite the needs.

I, on the other hand, am not a persuasive person.

Is there a way to help others without making them feel insulted?

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My superior always ask me, ''Do you have any problem?''.  ALWAYS. 

Yes, my problem is that I'm not inspired.  I am so de-motivated.

I wish I can just tell him that.  But then again, I can't stand the almost-2-hours 'lecture' over the phonee.

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Monday, December 12, 2011

..Heart and Brain..


This is the reason why I don't just quit my job :p

Sunday, December 11, 2011

..Getting Emo or Being Dramatic?..

After one week having my parents around, memang terasa 'sebu' sangat bila tinggal sorang-sorang kat rumah petang tadi.

Bukan kena tinggal lama pun, lebih kurang sejam lebih je pun. En Hubby terpaksa masuk kilang pukul 5pm tadi to settle whatever problems kat production line tu.

Actually, I don't have problem with his work routine at all. I understand his work well tapi tak tahu sebab apa petang tadi emo semacam huhuhu.

Lebih kurang pukul 6 lebih - bila En hubby call, tiba-tiba sebak dan menyebabkan dia agak panik.

"Okay, saya balik sekarang. Malam ni kita gi makan Subway yer?"

Ngeee................ *you know I'm not that 'critical' when you can cheer me up with food :p

Owh, by the way, about Subway - unfortunately, bila dah sampai Sutera Mall tadi, Subway dah tutup sebab 'kehabisan roti'.. Kempunan!

Sunday, December 4, 2011


I just started watching the beginning episodes of US Masterchef Season 2. Last time it's aired, I I only got to watch it at Top 8 episode. *Big thanks to the re-run :)

What I love about Masterchef US is the inspiration from most of the contestants. The guts to pursuit their real dream - quitting whatever they're doing - just believing that cooking is their passion. That is true inspiration to me.

And there's one contestant who cooks for his sick wife, EVERYDAY, for 16 years - seriously, I cried watching that couple. They are so damn sweet. *apa hal tengok Masterchef pun nangis nih?
I quote him:

"My wife was down to 78lbs at 35 years old. I had to basically force-feed her. She wouldn't eat if it didn't taste good. So I have to learn to cook food that tastes good"

Huhuhu, dahlah ada usaha pergi belajar masak, masak pulak tiap-tiap hari for his wife, still stick around for his sick wife - for 16 years?! Hundreds 'awww'..

Malaysia version? I don't know.... I mean, Maggi? Seriously?

Inspiration-wise? I don't get that at all. But I still watch it, though, because I just love food (*to be precise, EAT food, not COOK).

Friday, December 2, 2011


Tiba-tiba teringat that I have a Friendster account and wondering whatever happens to that, and decided to delete it.

And of course, having problem recalling the password, had to request for a new one, blabla..

Terkelip-kelip jugaklah tengok Friendster sekarang, it's so colorful with avatar-lah, games feature and whatnot.

Btw, officially I have deactivated the account.