Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Romantic #3

If your man helps you hang the clothes outside to air-dry them.

Because he understands that you have to put on some decent cloth and tudung if you're to hang the clothes.

The fact that he cares about that.

That's romantic.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Walking on Eggshells

English education from Mak Limah for today..

Idiom: Walking on eggshells.

Meaning: To be overly careful in dealing with a person or situation because they get angry or offended very easily; TO TRY VERY HARD NOT TO UPSET someone or something.


On a personal note, I guess the eggshells have been living with the perks of being an eggshell since forever so they might not be able to realize the pain they have caused to the people around them.

Lucky (or unlucky) them.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Romantic #2

Things that are non-material.

Belikan coklat, bagi bunga, hadiah mahal and whatnot.

It's totally not wrong, it's just less romantic.

Especially if he can afford it, then what's so romantic about it?

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

PM culture

Makcik is on membebel mode again.

Tak paham sungguh dengan generasi zaman sekarang.

Sedangkan kalau kita nak beli baju online pun, kalau kita duk komen "PM" seller tak layan. (Ok, biasanya seller yang dah established lah kan 😝).. Itu kalau kita nak bagi duit kat orang.  Inikan pulak awak yang nak MINTAK kerja?  I mean, you must really have the nerve suruh orang PM awak untuk bagi kerja kat awak?

Makcik rasa "wow" sangat tengok budaya macam ni. 

Bila government nak bawak masuk foreigner ramai-ramai semua nak menggelupur. And some even talk about job opportunities LOL. Once in a while maybe we should stop complaining -  because in the first place, we did it to ourselves what we thought others did to ourselves.

Make sense?

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Denial denial denial

You know you're in denial when you insist on being addressed as Cik Ngah instead of Mak Ngah by the nephews.
Cik Ngah by all means sounds younger than Mak Ngah.
Haha. Dilema makcik 'muda'.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Online shopping #bukantips

Sekarang semua butik dah nak start jual baju dengan harga RM200+ 
Macam ni makcik terpaksalah tunggu balance-balance yang tak laku masa stock clearance sale jela lepas ni.
Tu pun kalau ada saiz lagi.
OK bai.

Peaceful Mind - Tips #1

I figured one of the key towards a peaceful mind is "Selflessness".
When our world does not only resolve around ourselves, that's when we acquire peaceful mind.
Really, to only think of our own self is such a neverending work. We'll never get satisfied, we'll always be restless.
Try making someone else smile today just because.
"Because in the end, only kindness matters"