Friday, March 30, 2012


I'm still down with fever.  But that's not exactly what I want to write about.

Petang tadi masa pergi solat asar kat surau.  Ada sorang akak tengah bentang-bentang sejadah.  Suddenly she asked me ''Selsema ek?''.  I was quite touched that she's concerned.  So I pun berbasa-basi lah dengan dia.

And then she said ''Nanti cubalah perfume ni, letak kat hidung, dia bukan setakat perfume saja, macam-macam fungsi dia ni.  Anak akak ada resdung pakai ni okay.  Akak memang  jual produk ni, tapi ni bukanlah nak promote, just sharing...blablabla''

At that moment, honestly, I felt upset.  Rupanya nak promote barang (walaupun dia cakap bukan nak promote kan........).

Haih, can't people just be nice just for the sake of being nice, instead of having some kind of ulterior motive?


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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

..Fever oh fever..

I've been taking good care of myself - I don't drink anything iced or cold,  I have umbrella with me everytime it's sunny hot or rainy, I've avoided seafood as much as I can, but still, here I am, down with fever.

Not complaining - just reminding myself, even if I've done the best that I can, sometimes I still don't get what I want.  Let alone if I didn't try at all.

Maybe I'm all exhausted that I didn't really have enough rest for the past three months.

P/s:I bet it must be a lil' controversial to fall sick and take mc on a bonus day.  But what the heck, the timing is just 'right'....

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

..Ujian Susah, Ujian Senang..

Most of the times, my mind would react positively to people's remarks (although most of them are supposed to be conceited, annoying, insulting remark). And in a few seconds, it would go away and didn't leave scar in my heart. I'm really thankful for that 'gift' - that I don't have to deal with so much hurt and hatred inside of me.

But there are times, some remark does hit me and cut me real deep - when this happens, it'll take years to forget.

Just a few days ago, someone just 'slapped' me with her mean statement. So hard I didn't know how to fake a smile afterwards.

It's funny, though. Masa susah, ayat-ayat nya sungguh 'down-to-earth'. Bila dah dapat rezeki,, sesedap rasa nak merendah-rendahkan orang lain. Cepatnya manusia lupa.... Well, I didn't expect you to mengenang budi but the least you can do now is to not look down on others.

*I'm being emo, I know.. or perhaps, over-reacting? I don't know why I bother... but it just felt sad.

Well, it's okay. *deep breath.

Enjoy your rezeki. Brag about it all you want.

To me, I'll take it a test. My hardship is a test from Allah. And your rezeki is a test, too, in case you don't know.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

..My Jiran and the Car..

I did write something about my jiran regarding parking issue.  Well, it's funny, the same exact jiran sekarang ni ada dua kereta and just decided to park one of their car in front of our house.  Not exactly 'in front' of our house, but across the street.  Tapi tahulah kawasan rumah kos rendah ni kan, jalan dia sempit macam mana.  Kalau dah sebijik kereta parking tepi jalan macam tu which dah makan satu lane, memang susahlah kami nak keluar and masuk.  Bila semua nak buat perangai selfish memang suffer jugaklah living in this neighbourhood :(

Tapi yang paling tak paham tu - time dia, punyalah berkira, bila time dia menyusahkan orang, selamba je macam tak ada apa-apa.


I do hope that Allah will bless us with kind and considerate neighbours in our coming new neighbourhood.  I really really need that.

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Monday, March 19, 2012

..Santap Sunda Sawagi..

As promised before, a review for Santap Sunda Sawagi.

Kuew Teow Goreng Bakso:

Nasi Timbel Special Set Ayam kampung:
Nasi dalam gulungan daun pisang tu = nasi timbel.
The side dish tu memang meriah, memang sangat mengenyangkan set ni - saya paling suka pergedil jagung tu - dia macam jemput-jemput with jagung, sedap!!

For drink, saya order Avocado juice sebab tak pernah rasa but it turned out juice ni betul-betul mematahkan selera :(

Some of the menu:

So far, Indonesian food that I've tried always make me fell in love. Sebelum ni nasi padang, and now - this! haihh, so addicted!

Friday, March 16, 2012

..Glimpse of people's life...

I thank Allah for every opportunity to meet people, to know people and have a glimpse of their life.  Which most of the times lead me to realise how lucky I am. 

Everytime I'm feeling down, feeling like I'm the most unluckiest person in the world, somehow Allah will shows me that I am not.


Thank You, Allah.

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..Personal Shopper?..

I thought I'm trying to do some photography business but instead people keep asking me to do ridicilous thing - tolong cucikan gambar (semata-mata), tolong belikan album and frame?  I mean, takkanlah I nak charge pergi cuci gambar 4R seringgit sekeping kot??  Haihh..

I don't recall ever offering personal shopping service.....


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Thursday, March 15, 2012

..Cameron Again?..

Well, despite the not-so-memorable experience in Cameron Highland last time, here I am planning to re-visit it hehehe.

Rugi pulak kalau ignore je voucher ni, so hubby and decided to go again.  Ni pun nasib terperasan ada voucher ni dalam bil credit card sebelum buang ish ish.  And nasib baik jugak belum expired dia punya validity date.

So this time we must pick a very low-season time to avoid all the chaos.  Alhamdulillah, ada rezeki ni, sebab baru je bincang dengan hubby nak pergi bercuti yang betul-betul rileks, tak nak rush sana sini, terkejar-kejar sana sini - just totally rilex, because I think both of us really need it.  Tak kisahlah bercuti kat mana yang penting nak berehat. 

So this voucher comes right on time.  Alhamdulillah :)

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

..Allah Maha Adil..

Something happened yesterday and I really thought that it would ruin my whole day.  Maybe even my week.  Mulalah terfikir benda-benda negatif...ish ish..*istighfar.

Rasa macam tak tahan saya sms en hubby, mengadu kat dia.  Tak lama lepas tu dia call suruh saya sabar and bagitau - dia ada berita baik.  Good enough to make my day.

Alhamdulillah.  Allah maha adil kan.

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Friday, March 9, 2012

..Hari Wanita Sedunia??..

I was so not aware of the fact that yesterday was Hari Wanita until so many people posted about it in fb. 

In fact I was never quite aware of it except for one particular year when me and my girlfriends got half price fee for movie ticket sempena hari wanita.  Tak ingat tahun bila tapi masa tu tengok movie ''Cold Mountain'', so you do the maths :p

And somehow since these few years I thought Wednesday is women's day sebab every Wednesday Gloria Jeans bagi half price harga kopi for ladies, kan?

Anyway, tadi I sempat kenakan En Hubby, ''oo,awak tak ingat ek hari ni hari apa..tak bagi hadiah pun'' *buat-buat merajuk.  Dia diam sambil tengok saya, gaya nak mengingat balik tarikh-tarikh keramat.  Then he guessed ''Hari kita tunang ek?''

Hahaha.  Kelakar.  First, because memang totally salah - we got engaged back then somewhere in FEB (I pun tak ingat dah exact date).  Second, who'd still celebrate engagement date when you're already married?  Adoii..

But when I told him ''it's women's day'' terus dia sambung tengok tv, tak cakap apa-apa and totally ignored me :p

Btw, lega dapat landing kepala after another restless day.  *I need to wake up in a few hours to head back to Terengganu after this, so good night :)

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

..Mood Ke Laut..

Hari ni mood ke laut sangat...
Dari pagi lagi dah ada benda yang spoiled mood.
The truth is, I want to be a good person. But all I am is just a rational freak. I always do things that I consider is the the right thing to do - although sometimes my heart just does not go along with my mind.
It's tiring, really. I wish I have a good heart - so I can do good things because I really want to do it, not just because of I think I should do it.

..Facebook-Annoying #3..

MLM-ers. But not all of them.
I don't have problem with those yang promote their product every 5 minutes kat facebook wall.
Even to those yang terus-terusan declare kemewahan diorang - like, how they make 5 figure monthly income, boleh beli tu, beli ni, vacation sana sini sebab join MLM business- well, I think I can understand that as a marketing strategy.
The only thing that always pisses me off bila ada yang publish statement macam orang-orang yang tak join business tu adalah golongan yang tak rebut peluanglah, yang malas berusahalah blablabla.
Geram!! Come-on lah, bukan itu je cara nak dapat extra income or even jadi jutawan, for that matter.
It's kinda personal to me because I was once been bugged by MLM people yang ajak join business - tayang kereta-kereta mewah kat bawah office diorang, 'cerita' beli LV handbag lah - hahaha, sorry, I was just not impressed at all. Yang paling sakit hati, she even called me 'unsuccessful person' sebab tak join. Huh! Sudahnya sekarang business entah ke mana (dengarnya business tu dah di-declare as scam), loan untuk buat modal tak habis bayar lagi sampai sekarang.
I mean, even if I have the guts to make a 20K loan, I would never 'invest' the money to MLM business. Baik beli printer buat business printing (contohnya lah).