Friday, August 18, 2017

Pusingan U

What's wrong with making u-turns if it means making up for your past mistakes?

What's so wrong with making u-turns if it gets you to the right destination?

What's wrong with u-turns?

On an unrelated note, I selalu je buat u-turn kat tempat yang tak boleh u-turn ehehe. Asalkan tak susahkan orang on the other side, apa salahnya (kot).

Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Lost soul

I am here
 (but I am not exactly here)

I was there
  (but I was not exactly there, either)

This is just me
filling up the void in a space
and a blank space is never a home

I am just flesh and bones
bound to titles and roles

but underneath
I am nothing
but a lost soul

Disclaimer: All poems may be or may not be from my own experience. Some are merely from observationsJust chill, don't speculate 😝😝

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Dark Tower

Since movie ni baru lagi tayang, maka aku tulih sikit-sikit jelah kang spoiler pulak ehehe.

Kalau ikutkan genre fantasy macam ni memang not my cup of tea, but because of these two reasons, pergilah jugak tonton.

1. Matthew McConaughey
2. Dapat redeem tiket free

Based on Stephen King's novel - The Gunslinger. 

Walaupun Matthew McConaughey jadi orang jahat, tapi okaylah. Story line macam slow sikit tapi makin lama makin geram dengan Matthew tu.. Jahat bebenor dia tu (tak ingat pulak nama watak dia dalam tu), so jadi tak sabar nak tunggu scene dia kalah sebab macam impossible je nak kalahkan dia.

Tapi part The Gunslinger (yang datang dari dunia lain) masuk ke dunia Bumi ni, rasa macam banyak je dah tengok scenes macam tu kat movie lain. 

Kalau ada sequel ni rasanya tak pi tengok dah kot. Eh, ye ke?

Monday, August 14, 2017

Bukan Dungu

Bukan Dungu

"Aku bukan dungu yang sakit
yang jatuh tetap tak mahu bangkit

Aku bukan dungu yang gila
yang luka tetap tunggu dipersenda

Aku bukan dungu yang tak malu
ditinggal tapi masih tertunggu

Aku bukan dungu

Aku hanya
tetap mahu kamu"

For the broken souls.

The hardest part is always to let go,
But let go, anyway.

Disclaimer: All poems may be or may not be from my own experience. Some are merely from observationsJust chill, don't speculate 😝😝

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Middle Age

I have always wondered what it's like to be in the middle-aged group. So this is it, wonder no more. arghhh. Not in the youth age anymore (although, to be honest, I haven't really felt like one, denial maybe, or still young at heart maybe 🙄)

Ada cerita perihal umur ni. Awkward situation, I must say. But on a second thought, malas pulak nak menulis pasal tu, takut terkena tulah haha.

So, I'm one year older today. Alhamdulillah. Masih diberi peluang bernafas, bergerak dan berusaha. Here's to another year wiser, InsyaAllah.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017


*spoiler alert*

I'd give 10 stars for this movie. For this kind of genre, I don't need to know or like any of the actors, I'd still definitely watch it. Owh, ada sorang budak One Direction in it but I don't remember his name.

It's based on a true event in World War II which was called "Dunkirk Evacuation" (I googled this in the cinema when the screen suddenly went white for almost half an hour. Not sure what was the technical issue, but we waited anyhow. Sabar tak sabarlah, haha)

Basically, the story line was divided into three parts - the jetty, the air and the sea which towards the end of the movie, they intersected each other. Brilliant story line, I must say. Although for one of the part, it ended sadly...why???

The climax part was when all the little ships reached the beach to save the armies. The kind of scenes that send shivers to your spine. And knowing that it really did happen in the past, I was totally in awe. Big salute to the British who mostly came all the way, unequipped with any  military weapon,  full aware that they were risking their life and yet still answer the call to help those trapped armies. Most of them came and helped bringing the soldiers back home with just regular fishing and merchant boats and pleasure yachts, etc etc. Respect betul.

I love the brief conversation of an old volunteer who's handing out blankets to the armies:

Volunteer: Good job, son.
Soldier: All we did was survive.
Volunteer: That's enough.


And that's one thing about war movie - they never fail to convey the message of humanity so beautifully in it. Although in reality, if there is enough humanity in all of us, I bet there wouldn't be any war around us anymore. Because there's nothing human about war in the first place.

Just saying.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017


The problem is that we rely too much on the pain-killers. Rather than to treat the root cause of the pain.
Literally or not.


I am addicted
     because I don't want to feel the pain

I'm in denial
     so I don't have to deal with the pain

I need you
As anesthetic, although temporary
As camouflage, although it's not real

I need you
   because I'm addicted
   because I'm in denial

And I need you
so bad.

Disclaimer: All poems may be or may not be from my own experience. Some are merely from observationsJust chill, don't speculate 😝😝

Friday, August 4, 2017

Nampak Baik vs Jadi Baik

Something to ponder:

1.Kalau nak NAMPAK baik, kita akan suka bagi nasihat.

2. Kalau nak JADI baik, kita akan suka dengar nasihat.

Bukanlah tak bagus bagi nasihat pada orang lain, tapi pada masa yang sama kalau kita tak suka orang tegur salah kita / nasihatkan kita, maksudnya kita tergolong golongan yang pertama tadi.

-Prof Muhaya-

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Kahlil Gibran's Treasured Writings

I am not much of a reader. But from time to time, I force myself to read so that my mind won't be so idle.

It took me 4 months to finish reading this book.  It was not an easy read for me.  With its heavy content and the limited vocab of mine - payah bebenor nak fokus.

And then it took me another months to write this so-called review ehehe, reviewlah sangat.

It's a compilation of Kahlil Gibran' many writings and there are also his letters to his friends. Memang hebatlah, tulis surat pun guna bahasa tinggi.

But there's something about it - when I found out that most of his original writings was actually in Arabic, I felt slightly upset because all these while I was reading his material in English.  Because to me, the translations normally will not do the original masterpiece justice, tu macam frust sikit terasa.

Take the Vitagen's tagline for an instance:
"Be good to your gut" but when it's translated to BM, it becomes "Sayangi sistem penghadaman anda"

Haha. Bagi contoh Vitagen pulak. Okaylah, ambik contoh yang acah deep sikit.

"A friend in need is a friend indeed" = "Kawan yang baik adalah kawan yang ada sewaktu kita memerlukan"

See? The translation wording is not as precise and on spot as the original one even though it carries out the same meaning. But anyhow, yes, even translated to English, his masterpiece is still beautifully conveyed. Imagine reading in its original version.. 

But all in all, aside from the artistic content, it's informative as well. There are some historical and geographical info in the book. Like how the opening of Suez Canal had affected the Middle East's economic in the 19th century that forced most of the people to migrate to other countries, including US for a better living. (or was this actually covered in Form 5's History subject? sorry, Sejeq's totally not my favorite subject back then)

*please excuse the blurriness of this pic since it was taken using phone yang kena tumpahan minyak*

Wednesday, August 2, 2017



Kalau parah
terus menadah

Kalau parah
terus bertabah

Kalau parah
bukan pasrah.

Disclaimer: All poems may be or may not be from my own experience. Some are merely from observationsJust chill, don't speculate 😝😝