Sunday, August 30, 2009

..merdeka eve..

En Hubby keje mlm lg (for the 2nd time this ramadan)

hajat di hati td nk buat kuih raya, tp tgk jam dh kul 10..argh, dh lewat + dh malas. En Hubby pon call suh tdo awal. hmm, maybe tomorrow then.

so what to say about merdeka?
hmm, i'm never the kind of those who pasang bendera kt kereta or rumah - because to me there's a lot more of merdeka than just that. but i do admire those who do for their patriotisme.

hopefully, we will be able to breathe this independence and peace air for many many years to come. it's quite scary nowadays considering the local political scenario. let's hope for a successful 1 Malaysia, despite our different political view.


Friday, August 21, 2009

..our birthday bash..

bunyik mcm wat party besar2 je..sebenarmye x langsung pon.

on my bday which was on last week, En Hubby took me to jusco tebrau after work to pick my own present. sgt2 x romantik, but still, i likee...hehe.. katenye drpd die surprisekan sy but me end-up xsuke ngn ape yg die pilih, lebih baik die bawak sy pilih sendirik..

since 2 bln lepas sy baru jek membuang most of my make-up stuffs sbb sy suspect dh expired, jadi kesempatan ini sy ambil untuk compeletekan semule set make-up.

tp memandangkan sy ni isteri yg solehah (hehe), sy xsapai ati menipiskan wallet En Hubby. so i decided to go only for the most impotant and yg betul2 xde. after checking my make-up kit, ade due mende yg betul2 habis dibuang...huhu.

so dptla tambah dua mende..and yes, plus satu free gift by the promoter..

kali ni teringin nk mkn kek baskin robbins la pulak which turned out xsedap for me.huhu.

my birthday package :
ops..aiskrim cair xnyempat2 nk lap..huhu..

my hubby's birthday is today (21st of August). but i celebrated it one day earlier since 21st will be starting of solat terawih.. i didnt get him anything, just a simple celebration. the actual plan was to cook him his fav meal - daging masak merah, acar timun n puding cocktail.

here was what happened on 2oth august:

kul 510 sy dh cabut dr kilang nk wat surprise kt En Hubby.

tp rupenye byk dugaan semalam.

first - En Hubby kate die balik awal ari ni.. alamak mcm mne sempat ke x nk prepare niih..

second - sy demam plak. sgtla xlarat. tp demi hubby tercinta, ku gagahkan juga.

third - tgh2 nk prepare daging, guess what, gas abih!!! sgt tepat la timingnyer...........

frust sgt. cume sempat buat puding jek. then, En Hubby call katenye xdpt balik awal, ade keje nk disiapkan. huhu. kenape bile dh konpem xdpt nk masak, En hubby xleh balik awal plak...huhu..

here's the surprise yg xbape mjadi - cuma ade kek n kad jek..

(*yg lilin2 ni sy rase mcm dak2 high school nye idea jek, tp xkesahla...bolehla..)

actually, ini adalah lakonan semule. ..haha. mase yg sebenar sy xsempatla nk amik gaba sbb sebok nk tutup lampu.

despite the low-budget n beberapa perkare yg xmenjadi tuh, En Hubby ttp suke dan berterima kasih. and admit he can never defeat the romantic side of me. haha, funny but flattered, tho'.


Saturday, August 15, 2009

..No Need To Argue..

as I was doing some cleaning up and re-arranging folders, come across one old folder where i kept all my favourite songs' lyrics.

found this lyric of a song that i was so crazy about back then. But too sad, all of my cranberries cassettes had gone missing. but of course, if i still have them, i would not be able to listen to them as the cassette player does not exist anymore in this mp3 century..

this song has brougt me back in time when i was so crazy about cranberries. i could go on and on listening to them only for days bcause their songs (plus dolores' voice) are very magical. why did they have to split? really miss good music like theirs. this is one of my top fave - NO NEED TO ARGUE.

There's no need to argue anymore

I gave all I could
But it left me so sore
And the thing that makes me mad
Is the one thing that I had
I knew, I knew I'd loose you

You 'll always be special to me

And I remember all the
Things we once shared
Watching TV movies on
The living room armchair

But they say it will work out fine
Was it all a waste of time
Cause I knew, I knew I'd loose you
You 'll always be special to me

Will I forget in time
You said I was on your mind

There 's no need to argue
No need to argue anymore
There 's no need to argue anymore

i you-tubed this song and found this:

it's a sad song and listening to this song somehow makes me feel like writing a novel... haha.. macam tibe2 je ade idea nk menulis.. i used to write several stupid and ridiculous short and long stories before i last wrote anything since 2000. not really sure why did i stop then.. maybe i wasnt interested anymore.

besides writing, i suddenly feel like wanting to continue on the guitar lesson. watching dolores strumming the guitar, rase mcm, teringinnyer nak main satu lagu complete. and the chord looks 'playable' by amauteurs.kononnye la. padahal bkn tau sgt pon...but this is quite impossible because my guitar teacher is in kemaman, and he also didnt seem to play guitar that much anymore. hmm, besides, i dont think i want to sacrifice my fingers to be 'kematu' again..

sudah2 jgn nk mengarut...

back to cranberries, i really hope they'll reunite again for a new album. but for now, i'm going to re-complete the collection. not sure whether it's still possible nowadays because last year i did ask a girl at a music store for cranberries album and she replied me "sape tuh?"..huhhu..sgt x berpengetahuan and yet working at a music store..annoying betul..

but anyway, cranberries rock!