Sunday, June 7, 2009


Dear hubby,

Today is our first aniversary.

We've been thro' a lot of things this past year.

Thanks for always being there, listening to my silly n trivial stuffs everyday, for ur understanding and trust, for accepting me as who I am (despite all the flawssss), not to forget ur forgiveness everytime i'm being stubborn n lazy n ridiculous n difficult (err...i should not mention the rest, i guess)..

and yes, thanks for your unconditional love. for everything.

I love you :)


firahadifa said...

izza... happy anniversery... da setahun da?.. cam kejap jer ye..

anis-chan said...

happy anniv babe! to even happier years ahead! :D

mygoldpen said...

thanks apid n anis for the wishes :)