Sunday, August 30, 2009

..merdeka eve..

En Hubby keje mlm lg (for the 2nd time this ramadan)

hajat di hati td nk buat kuih raya, tp tgk jam dh kul 10..argh, dh lewat + dh malas. En Hubby pon call suh tdo awal. hmm, maybe tomorrow then.

so what to say about merdeka?
hmm, i'm never the kind of those who pasang bendera kt kereta or rumah - because to me there's a lot more of merdeka than just that. but i do admire those who do for their patriotisme.

hopefully, we will be able to breathe this independence and peace air for many many years to come. it's quite scary nowadays considering the local political scenario. let's hope for a successful 1 Malaysia, despite our different political view.


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