Saturday, March 26, 2011

..Warm-Up Update..

It's been more than 2 weeks already!

I was quite busy lately with work and part-time thingy, but, me not updating blog had nothing to do with the busyness. It was mainly because of the lazy-ness. Yerp.


Apart from not having anything to update (*well, selama ni update je walaupun tak de apa-apa berlaku dalam hidup), I just didn't have the mood.

And to make it worse, my broadband modem committed suicide - terjun ke lantai bersama laptop. Luckily, the laptop survived.

So, alang-alang, this morning, Hubby and me upgraded our modem to Wifi Modem. So no more 'Awak-Lama-Lagi-Ke-Guna-Internet-Tu-Saya-Nak-Buat-Kerja-Pulak-Ni' question to each other.

Hmm, why am I reasoning myself for not updating blog like anyone care pulak.. Haha.

Well, sort of warming-up to start blogging again?