Sunday, December 4, 2011


I just started watching the beginning episodes of US Masterchef Season 2. Last time it's aired, I I only got to watch it at Top 8 episode. *Big thanks to the re-run :)

What I love about Masterchef US is the inspiration from most of the contestants. The guts to pursuit their real dream - quitting whatever they're doing - just believing that cooking is their passion. That is true inspiration to me.

And there's one contestant who cooks for his sick wife, EVERYDAY, for 16 years - seriously, I cried watching that couple. They are so damn sweet. *apa hal tengok Masterchef pun nangis nih?
I quote him:

"My wife was down to 78lbs at 35 years old. I had to basically force-feed her. She wouldn't eat if it didn't taste good. So I have to learn to cook food that tastes good"

Huhuhu, dahlah ada usaha pergi belajar masak, masak pulak tiap-tiap hari for his wife, still stick around for his sick wife - for 16 years?! Hundreds 'awww'..

Malaysia version? I don't know.... I mean, Maggi? Seriously?

Inspiration-wise? I don't get that at all. But I still watch it, though, because I just love food (*to be precise, EAT food, not COOK).


H.a.y.a.t.i said...

Oh, saya pun tiada hubby yang masak untuk saya jugak! :) Saya yang hari2 masak untuk dia. Bila tanyer, "oh, saya memberi anda peluang untuk menambah pahala"... Oh, terdiam di situ! :)

mygoldpen said...

Ahaha..samalah jawapan tu. And hubby ku mmg semoleknya tak terlalu kerap berada di dapur.kalau tak,habis punah ranah alat2 memasak kui3x

H.a.y.a.t.i said...

hehehe... itulaa, kitchen tu kitanye area! cume skang, kitchen aku dah penuh sebab husband aku letak skali barang2 kucing kat situ.. so kire kitchen tu milik aku+kucing :(