Sunday, January 29, 2012

..Journey to the Highland..

Our (as in hubby and me) initial plan was to go to Genting Highlands. But our proposal was rejected *eheh, by the in-laws as they'd prefer to go to Cameron Highlands. My BIL knows the Tasik Kenyir-Felda Aring-Gua Musang-Cameron Highlands route, so, there we went - CAMERON HIGHLANDS on 23rd and 24th January.

Besides I've never been to Cameron before, so, yes, I was excited.

We went there with two cars - hubby's car and the other one is rented (at the very last minute!). It's quite hilarious, comes to think of that incident now, haha.

Traffic jam adalah sangat teruk lebih kurang 2 jam mendaki bukit. So much for my impression of 'Cameron-Highlands-Is-A-Place-Where-You-Can-Release-Tension'!

Sampai atas Cameron, dugaan lagi. Kereta Myvi yang disewa tu berasap. Huhu. Clutch problem katanya. Can you imagine, during Chinese New Year - mana mau carik workshop yang bukak atas sinun? Luckily my BIL who is a bomba, has a friend (a mechanic for bomba) at the Balai Bomba Cameron which is so happen to be just next the apartment where we stayed at Brinchang. Tapi tak dapat buat apa-apa malam tu sebab kena tunggu spare-part dari Ipoh keesokannya.

Jadi petang dan malam kami cuma jalan-jalan kat pasar area bawah apartment.

Pagi esoknya, lepas breakfast, En Hubby ulang-alik bawak kami semua ke ladang teh. We had to make 2 trips since we were left with only one car. That was another big challenge given the bad traffic - which made a trip took almost one hour. Sian En Hubby....

So if you want to come here - please avoid the peak season. The peaceful vision of Cameron Highlands is totally banished.

Sangat malas nak upload gambar banyak-banyak because I've already uploaded them in Facebook eheh :p

Btw, here's my favourite two:

*The way I see it, Cameron Highlands is the place where everything is strawberry-ed. The souvenir. bags, the umbrellas, the food - tarts, muffins, cordial, jam, ice-cream, tea, dadih, are all in strawberry form!

Alhamdulillah, around 5 something in the evening, the car was ready. So relieved!! Dapat jugak balik Terengganu :) So we changed the plan - instead of using the same route that we came, we went back using Gua Musang-Kuala Krai-Besut-Kuala Terengganu route.

It is so not recommended using Felda Aring-Tasik Kenyir route since there's no road lighting at all, besides the bad road condition. Not to forget, you might bump into elephants crossing the road at Tasik Kenyir area.

By the way, despite all the difficulties, it's always the time that was spent with family that matters most :)

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