Friday, February 10, 2012

..Of The Controversial KFC..

Have you heard of the newest KFC incident (KFC staffs beat up the customer)?

In KFC facebook page, there were a few statements from KFC indicating they were investigating the incident blablabla

And I did read some of the comments - it's funny when some people took it as a racial issue though.

As for me, if I were the customer, I won't bother waiting in the first place kalau dah nampak queue panjang melingkar macam tu. I mean, banyak lagi kot KFC outlet lain, or other fast-food restaurant, for that matter.

And if I were the staff, err... beating up the cust?!! Haih - I can never be in his shoes-lah haha. But seriously, as a muslim, that is not the way to react no matter how much he's been provoked, regardless the long working hour or how little he earned there.

(According to the comments I read, the customer started to lose it and did yell some racist remark to the staff after having to wait for 1 hour for the chicken. However the video didn't really show the whole incident).

Well, of course it's easy for me to say. I'm not the kind whose easily overwhelmed with anger.

So I'm pretty sure I won't become one of them.

But anyway, I just had lunch at KFC yesterday :p

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