Friday, December 23, 2016

Of Being the Realist

This was what crosssed my mind.

So I'm scribbling (typing) it in here.

Back in the days where there was no smartphones and social medias, people were more real. More genuine to themselves.

For instance, you wouldn't find a girl faking her passion towards hiking back then. It was simple. If a girl loves adventure, she'd be outdoor doing the adventurous stuffs. Just because she loves it.

Mostly people would choose to do things they love. There was no medium to show the world something that they're not.

But nowadays, most of us do it for the sake of uploading the pictures to social medias. It's not about the experience anymore. It's not about appreciating the moments anymore. It's all about what we want to portray in the social medias. To keep up with the hype.

I am actually reminding myself. Not to fall victim to this trend.

I wish to be more present in the present.

That's all.

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