Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Random Bitterness

I'm being bitter today.

All the hype about the Woman's Day - well, I just don't give damn.
Entah-entah ni semua dakyah nak buat perempuan-perempuan shopping sempena Woman's Day.

Hmm.. Dah tak ada idea pulak nak bebel apa.
Owh, ada.

Nowadays, I don't feel like 'membebel' on FB anymore. I guess, it's too open out there. Plus, I don't feel comfortable when people making fun of what I wrote online. But I'm putting it all behind. It's okay. I just need to put some limit, that's all.

Recently I finally got to watch Kurt Cobain - Montage of Heck. Well, to me it's disturbing despite knowing that he was a tortured soul. But still, thanks Mr. Kurt Cobain for all the songs that I grew up with.

Okay, enough of the bitterness.

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