Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Cerita Jubah

Alkisah sepasang jubah.  Eh, sepasang ke? Dua pasanglah kot.

Yesterday I wore the jubah that I exchanged with my sister. And it made me think. On how things happen for a reason.

We happen to have almost the same taste in everything. And so in this jubah. She bought it first when it was first released and then sent to tailor for some length alteration. Entah macam mana, tailor tersilap potong, terpendek jadi jubah dia. So she had to wear another skirt inside to cover up the pendekness.

I on the on other hand, asyik bertangguh nak beli sampai tak sempat nak grab. Luckily they released 2.0 version. Cepat-cepatlah makcik pi beli takut kempunan lagi, and sent to tailor for alteration. Guess what? Mine was terpanjang, as if tailor tak pernah potong. With this petite size of mine, memang nak tersadung jelah jalan pakai jubah sapu jalan macam tu.

And then when my sister was in town, we decided to wear the same jubah (lain kaler, OK?) together-gether. Masa menggosok tu, masing-masing ceritalah on how the jubah tailor salah potong pendek sangat and how mine macam tailor tak potong langsung.

So we decided to just exchange them. And it fit us just perfectly! (My sister is taller than me)

Gambar tak adalah pulak nak share since we both are not the bergambar type.

So, everything that happened has its own purpose. Even it seems inconvenient at first, but in the end, we'll be amazed on how things work out perfectly.


Kay said...

tak pernah terpikir nak pakai jubbah senteng dgn skirt... biasa pakai dgn seluar je...

thanks Izza bg idea...

mygoldpen said...

hehe..wc kak kay..pakai skirt nnt nmpak mcm style jubah layer gitu :)

mase tulis tu dukla terpikir apa perkataan tuk jubah pendek..rupanya senteng ek hihi..tq kak..