Wednesday, August 9, 2017


*spoiler alert*

I'd give 10 stars for this movie. For this kind of genre, I don't need to know or like any of the actors, I'd still definitely watch it. Owh, ada sorang budak One Direction in it but I don't remember his name.

It's based on a true event in World War II which was called "Dunkirk Evacuation" (I googled this in the cinema when the screen suddenly went white for almost half an hour. Not sure what was the technical issue, but we waited anyhow. Sabar tak sabarlah, haha)

Basically, the story line was divided into three parts - the jetty, the air and the sea which towards the end of the movie, they intersected each other. Brilliant story line, I must say. Although for one of the part, it ended sadly...why???

The climax part was when all the little ships reached the beach to save the armies. The kind of scenes that send shivers to your spine. And knowing that it really did happen in the past, I was totally in awe. Big salute to the British who mostly came all the way, unequipped with any  military weapon,  full aware that they were risking their life and yet still answer the call to help those trapped armies. Most of them came and helped bringing the soldiers back home with just regular fishing and merchant boats and pleasure yachts, etc etc. Respect betul.

I love the brief conversation of an old volunteer who's handing out blankets to the armies:

Volunteer: Good job, son.
Soldier: All we did was survive.
Volunteer: That's enough.


And that's one thing about war movie - they never fail to convey the message of humanity so beautifully in it. Although in reality, if there is enough humanity in all of us, I bet there wouldn't be any war around us anymore. Because there's nothing human about war in the first place.

Just saying.

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