Tuesday, September 1, 2009

..welcome back, appetite..

rupenyer dh ari ke-11 pose. sekejap jek mase berlalu.

thn ni pecah rekod - baru sekali pegi bazar ramadhan.

i lost my appetite since day 1 of ramadhan. basically, maybe because of the fever i had. i remember staying glued at asian food channel the whole day but none of the glorious food turn me on. huhu. Hubby bought food from bazar but i ended up just nibbling at the food during break-fasting, couldnt get mysef to swallow a bit.

and then i found out that i can only eat my own-cooked meal. weird, because i'm totally not a good cook. xtaula ape jenih penyakit tuh but it made me had to cook everyday.

that went on - until today!!suddenly i craved for mcd, burger king and even dunkin donut for berbuke..

i guess it's back..hehe.

oh, just in case if anyone wonders, no - i'm not preggie..yet.

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