Monday, August 15, 2011

..The 5th 25 years old birthday..

Hehe :p

First of all, I'm lucky that my birthday falls on this holy Ramadhan which hopefully all the wishes and prayers from dearest family and friends will come true. Amin.

Although it's scary to become 30 soon, but I don't want to be the woman in denial of this age thingy. So, okay - I'm 29 years old this year :)

And at this age, I'm very thankful that I've achieved some of my life target before 30, so I can say I'm doing fine. Well, generally.

''I don't fear old age. I only fear being at old age and not accomplishing anything''

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yatie chomeyl said...

hepi bestday. May all ur wishes comes true :)

mygoldpen said...

Tq yatie chomeyl :)