Monday, August 22, 2011

..When I have nothing to write but still want to write..

There's so much I wanted to write about, but every time I hit the keyboard, I keep on deleting every first word I type.

I don't want to write negative thoughts although that's mostly what I feel at this moment. There are two incidents today - one pissed me off and one saddened me. I don't handle my emotion well lately. I guess I'm running out of wisdom words to cheer myself up. Eh, okay, enough about that already. *kata tak nak tulis tapi tulis jugak ish ish

I have one more baju raya which is still with tailor, which she promised me to get it done by this week. Tolonglah siap, kalau tak, makin celaru lah saya.

On top of all that, sebenarnya tak sabar nak balik kampung. Cuti raya dah approved! *ok, bab ni memang boleh senyum sampai telinga :)

My sister e-mailed me her doter's latest picture today - how I really miss the adorable kiddos. Can't wait to 'buli' my niece *or the correct phase is actually 'dibuli' by her hehehe.

And this year, I don't really eager to listen to raya songs.

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