Sunday, September 25, 2011

..Another Wonderful Lips Product..

First of all, thanks a lot to my sis for giving me this efficient product as one of my last birthday's present.

I did mention here that it was quite problematic for me to wear lipstick/lip gloss because after 10 minutes applied, the lipstick/lip gloss layer will dry out and and become flaky.

With this Lips & Cheek Stain from Bodyshop, I can wear lipstick / lip gloss with no worries now :) *ewah, ni betul-betul macam iklan ni :p

Just apply this before lipstick and lip gloss

And it works as a blusher, too!


___Mrs Suhaidi___ said...

Alhamdulillah....same goes to me :)...glad u like it...:) (bokeh jadi duta the body shop la along ;) )

mygoldpen said...

Hahaha..duta bodyshop?bankrup bodyshop klu amik duta cam sy,xdop org nk beli doh pasni...

Bagus sgt jupe byk produk hok molek2 kt bodyshop ni,xla bazir duit beli brand mahal2 kn..

___Mrs Suhaidi___ said...

betul2, body shop kire ok lagi :)....btw...yang redeem dr body shop dh expired dh....sowie along...lupe nk bagi kamoo....:(

mygoldpen said...

uwaaa...ruginyer..hehe,xpela,xdok rezeki..

ari tu try yn nye loose powder, best sgt..nnt nk beli jgk :)