Monday, June 11, 2012

..Menjadi Dai'e..

Just now dengar kat radio IKIM - setiap orang Islam sepatutnya berusaha untuk menjadi dai'e - yang dapat mengajak dan mempengaruhi umat manusia ke arah Islam, ke arah kebaikan.

Honestly, I want to be one, too.  But I don't really know how. 

From what I noticed around me, mostly (including me), muslims only talks about islam to the non-muslims when it comes to halal and non-halal food.  So it's our fault if non-muslims don't see the beauty of Islam. 

Often we emphasize on all the DON'Ts in Islam - I don't think that will attrack them to wanting to know Islam.

The least I can do now is potraying myself as a muslim, a real one.  Insya-Allah.

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