Friday, January 22, 2016

My dear Mocha

Story 1
He is an indoor cat and we got him spayed so that made him unable to fight other cat.
I was not at home when it happened.  A strayed cat got in my in-laws' house and he got involved in a fight.
He was shaking in shocked when I got home.  And was fierce and tried to bite to everyone who tried to touch him.  I sat near him and he slowly crawled to me. 
I was touched that he found his comfort in me..sobs..
Story 2
He does not really like children.  Every time there are children around, he will hide.
One day our cousin's son tried to play with him.  He started to feel intimidate and started biting.  I tried to calm him down by gently rubbing his head.  And the kid tried to do so, too.  Mocha's quick reaction was to bite the kids fingers but unfortunately my hand was closer to his aim.
But in a second he stopped when he realised that was actually my hand.
I was touched that he stopped himself from biting me despite his quick reaction.
I love you, too, Mocha.

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