Thursday, January 7, 2016

Spaying Marble - Part I (Intro)

I so happen to own a very out-going cat.  Marble, that is.
We got her spayed on 27th December 2015.
Putting E-collar is totally not a good idea.  In case you've been wondering what's E-collar is, yeah, you can Google it.  The idea is not to let her lick the incision site to avoid infection.
The first day after the surgery, we (by we, I mean Mr. Husband, eheh) tried to put it on Marble.  And yep, it lasted less than 2 minutes.  She struggled and somehow managed to 'escape' out of the collar.
And we tried to cage her which was another disaster.
She wouldn't rilex at all, trying with all her might to squeeze out of the cage.  She didn't really sleep.
She even managed to actually get out of the cage that first night after the surgery.  My bad - I didn't lock it properly.
The next day, after seeing her so suffered and miserable in the cage, we decided to let her out.  Yeah, stupid, I know, I know..
So the consequences - on the 5th day, although the wound looked fine, but there was a swollen and redness part around the incision site.  I panicked a bit and we straightaway went to the vet.
Unfortunately, Marble needed to undergo a second surgery.  Letting her out of the cage was indeed a bad, bad idea given her hyperactive and outgoing personality.  She went up and down the stairs, running and jumping around which were prohibited for cats after spaying. 
According to the vet, due to her unlimited activities there had been some complication.  But lucky enough we brought her to the vet as soon as possible so it was not yet an emergency case.
Poor Marble...
Okay.  To be continued...

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