Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Me and Touch-screen Phone

I always knew it that me and touch-screen handphone will never get along well *sigh.

I cracked the screen of my previous phone - TWICE. It costed RM550 to replace the screen the first time. 3 months later, it cracked on me again. So, of course, that second time, baik beli handphone baru jelah (although i really fell in love with that Z Ultra so much).

And yesterday (it has not been even one year yet), I spilled a bottle of minyak angin on the phone. This morning i found the screen was not responding to swiping anymore.

In times like this, I miss my old Blackberry Torch so much. I miss the keypad, the durability (even when it's smashed to the wall), the times that it served me for 3 years.

I don't fancy all these sleek and edgy modern phone which keeps failing on me. Jatuh sikit dah tak boleh function. Lembik! Stress makcik! 

Haha. Yup, the blaming game can continue forever when actually  it's these butterfingers of mine. 

This klutz really needs something from the stone age 

*sigh and cry. 

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