Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Mother Figure?

This happened last year. I drafted this post the day it happened but didn't finish it. So now I'm posting it. Here goes..

I went to shaklee to stock up some vitamins. Once I was done with the purchase, I went out. Oh, btw, the door was securely locked,there a was a guard in charge to unlock the door every time people coming in and going out of the premise.

I noticed this one boy went out, too, alone, at the same time I got out.  I wondered at that instant "where is he going?" He walked very close to me and I started to think "is this boy following me?"

When i reached my car, he was there too, so it was obvious that he did follow me. I asked him "Where are you going? Where's your mom?" but he just looked at me and then looked away, looking so lost. He didn't say anything but his face looked as if he was just waking up from sleep or maybe under coughing syrup influence or something.

I know, I'm a bit slow. Only after a few seconds later I kinda figured out what just happened. He must had mistakenly thought me as his mom - may be that was why he followed me.

So I ushered him back to Shaklee. The guard waving at him to come in back once he saw us. Behind the guard was a woman. That must've been the mother.

I immediately left after his mom saw him. I just couldn't stop thinking what if the boy followed the wrong person? Nauzubillah.

Please be extra careful dear parents out there.

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