Saturday, July 18, 2009

..against the typical-minded..

mcm dh lame jer x blogging...well, nothing much, nothing new, nothing excited..just a routine stressful workdays and the never-enough weekend things la..

but i just wanted to put some thoughts about this one.

last wednesday, company's badge-scanning machine malfunctioned (again!). so terpaksela sign in attendance manually. org HR provided 2 lists at the guard house - for exempted and non-exempted staff.

pg tuh sy sapai, sy nmpak sorg SMT Engineer tu tgh sign attendance so sy straightaway queue next to him. tp bile sy nk amik list tu lps die sign, die sebok2 nk bg balik kat pak guard. sy kate sy nk sign. die ckp "x, u list lain. ni exempted staff punye". hmm. sy dh agak, and remained calm jela kan and 'nicely' told him that I am an exempted-staff. "o, u exempted staff ek?" and (finally) handed the list to me.

geram sy. mentang2 la sy ni pompuan melayu - igt sy xlayak ker jadi exempted staff?

act, byk lg similar scenario I experienced within these 2 years.

even org melayu sendirik pon stuck with this typical assumption. dulu mase kt kilang lame (and even kilang skg ni pon) mase first day sy keje, adela beberape org (melayu) tnye sy "kerani baru ek?"

haha. selalunye sy iyekan jela. malas nk layan.

biase klu org tnye keje kat mane and sy bgtau keje kilang, the usual response is"xpe, keje jugak kan?". yeah, i know what's on their mind when they said that. ape, igt sume org yg keje kat kilang tuh operator ke? it's kind of funny.

macam org melayu ni only similar to operator and clerk. it's like, in their mind - it's quite impossible that org melayu can be more than that. xtau la klu mungkin kat sini jek or only those people around here yg berpikiran mcm tuh. but i experienced it a lot.

rasenye skg dh ramai jek org melayu jadi executive and more, tp perspektif tuh masih ade, kan...

actually, sy xkesah la org nk igt sy operator ke clerk ke, tu sume keje halal jugakkan..cume kdg2 fed-up ngn those typical-minded and it made me think. tu jela.

walaupon entri ni ade kene-ngene ngn yg hidup, but it's just a thought of mine.

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