Sunday, July 19, 2009


last night, went to watch movie at the newly-opened MBO at U Mall. we watched ICE AGE 3 at 1045pm which actually quite a mistake for my hubby. No, not the movie, but the timing. since he's working yesterday until 4pm,after that went to jusco for some shopping and after maghrib, we went to his friend's house to visit his newborn baby. yep, he was restless, and it's already sleep time for him - he fell asleep half the movie. sian En Hubby ku...

tp agk kesjeukn sbb terlupe nk bawak swater..15minit pertame tu mmg sejuk giler, rase mcm nk kuar je dr cinema tuh..En Hubby pon ckp kat die "dhla kite tgk ICE age nih, bekula kite.."

Ice Age 3 mmg best sgt..lg best dr yg first n 2nd. rasenye gelak spjg mase. and bile sy gelak2,En Hubby yg tido terbgn, blur2 tgk sy and tido balik..ahaha..comel betul..opss, puji husband sendirik plak..

sy suke esp part yg dlm cave yg mcm ade laughing gas yg suare diorg jadi mcm chipmunk tu. bile the 2 possums imitate chipmunk nyayik lagu chrismast..ahaha..xleh tahan..

n then part diorg nk ikat rudy (the big bad dinosour) lain mcm smart la penuh aksi bile tunjuk sid, sgt 'rilek', siap mcm mengingat teknik2 mengikat..

kesimpulan, mmg best..out of 5 stars, i'd give 1o..hehe.
nmpaknye En Hubby kne carik dvd la pasni..

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