Wednesday, July 22, 2009


ntah kenape sejak kebelakangan nih emotion mcm terganggu...

rase mcm x de motivation, tired and dull..and meaningless..

kenape ek..

adakah tanda2 perlu bertukar kerja? i really really hate my boss + my job!!!!!


homesick...rindu kat mak, abah, buyan, biri2 n gubud..

ugly betty n desperate housewives plak dh abih..sedihnye..nothing to look forward to every tuesday night anymore...

dont know what exactly is wrong with me..


nasib baik ade En die dh tido.. should I wake him up and ask him what happened to me???

or maybe i need a vacation? a long one.. tp mane ade duit + annual leave yg byk..

or perhaps i need to start diet because i think i'm getting fat.. lately i ate a lot and didnt exercise at all.

i need a hair-cut, too.. start to hate this long hair already...rimas2..

sgt bercelaru + tension..

can i not think of these miserable things all at once?

*sigh... for now, i think i need some good sleep. yep, maybe that'll will do - for tonight, at least.

[i'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell kot?]



ne cr keje lain ni kalo tensen2 cmni hehe..

mygoldpen said...

yela syam, aku pon rse cam tu ekonomi camni kene hati2 nk carik kje lain.