Sunday, September 6, 2009

..How to feel 100% happier in 10 days..

sounds like Kate Hudson as Miss How-To in "How To Lose A Guy In 10 days?"..haha, kind of-lah..

what am i doing still up at 230 am? arggh, i guess it's the caffeine effect kot. bile dh keja ni, suddenly drinking coffee affected my sleep plak..dulu mase study, minumla bape mug nescaffe pon, i could still fall asleep right after that.

tula td gatal sgt pi GJ, kan dh terkebil2 xleh tdo, hence the 3 entries in a row...

Here's something to share - "How to feel 100% happier in 10 days". (Actually taken this from Women's Weekly 100th issue)

Day 1 - Wake Up Happy
Day 2 - Steal some time
Day 3 - Believe in yourself
Day 4 - Do as you please
Day 5 - Do something meaningful
Day 6 - Look back
Day 7 - Spread a little love
Day 8 - Become a pleasure seeker
Day 9 - Turn dreams into reality <--haha, yg ni mcm susah jek?
Day 10 - Celebrate your strengths

so come on, let us be 100% happier in 10 days, shall we?

eh, bile belek2 majalah rase ngntuk plak..huhu..i guess i need to sleep now so tomorrow can wake up happy..


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