Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Back To Life

Another old book which I just finished reading. Pun tak ingat bila dan di mana exactly beli si dia ni.

This book is divided into 3 main chapters:
  • Changing How You Think
  • Changing What You Do
  • Changing How You Feel

Basically, it's for those who wants to overcome their traumatic experience. But trauma, according to the author (a psychiatrist), is not necessarily something big. It can be anything that, in a way. changes us. Changes who we are, changes the way we feel and the way we see this world. So this book is like a manual of how to feel better and how to be the best version of we are.

Since it’s not a normal thing for us here in Malaysia to go and see shrink, I think it’d be good to read this kind book once in a while to balance out our emotion. It's important to deal with whatever traumas that we feel or face. 

Let me share a few pages with some important and helpful notes:


ewanthology said...

nice sharing..walaupun terkebil kebil mata ni cuba baca :-)

mygoldpen said...

Haha.. klikla kat gambar tu, idokler terkebil-kebil mata tu. tq for reading 😊