Saturday, December 25, 2010

..Fatter But Lighter..

How is that possible?

Nowadays I always get the remark "Dah gemuk sket skang", especially from those who doesn't see me everyday.

But yesterday, RIGHT after eating, I pergi timbang berat. Terkejut sebab lepas dua kali timbang, my weight consistently showed as 41kg, which is 2kg less than my usual weight. After makan pulak tuh. And yet people told me I look chubbier?

Bingung rasa.

When En hubby pegang tangan saya dia pun kata "Macam kulit dan tulang saja". The truth is I did feel that I get skinnier these days but I don't know why. Rasanya makan macam biasa je.

Or is it the stress?


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