Monday, December 20, 2010

..Rapunzel - A Tangled Tale..

I think of all fairy tales, this one is the least familiar to me. Before watching the movie, the little thing that I know about the tale is that there's a princess with super-long hair locked up in a tower and then is rescued by a 'prince'. I didn't recall ever read about this whole tale.

So, I went to watch the movie last Saturday with sister-in-laws. They actually want to watch the Narnia, but I, as always, couldn't bring myself to want to watch that kind of movie. So I have to make the girls to want to watch the Rapunzel. Haha. Siapa yang budak-budak ni :P

And fortunately, Narnia is rated as PG13 and my SIL is only 12. Hahahaha, I won *gelak kejam.

The movie was so hillarious. Part kelakar memang sakit perut gelak, part sedih memang rasa nak nangis and part romantik memang sangat-sangat sweet. Langsung tak rugi pergi tengok and I wouldn't mind watching it all over again. And Mandy Moore is just the perfect voice for Rapunzel.

And the hero in this movie is not a prince - he's a thief, instead. But a very handsome one, of course :P


~Am said...

yep...I like Rapunzel...kalau kau pergi baca the unabridged story....actually jalan cerita dia ada drama-drama sikit...and I prefer HP7 a lot more than this latest Narnia...aku tido masa tengok Narnia

mygoldpen said...

tido?nasib baik aku dpt mengelak dr tgk narnia..hehe