Thursday, December 23, 2010

..Top Load Vs Front Load..

When you rent a very very small house, you have to be extra-creative in decorating, especially in arranging stuff.

I have problem with my washing machine. There's no space to hide it. Rasa macam pelik sangat orang datang boleh nampak washing machine.

Since buying house is not in our short-term plan yet, then my idea is buy another washing machine which looks cool - at the same time it can function as a decoration tool. Haha - now I think that sounds crazy, right?

*Of course, the other main reason is because the current one dah mula buat hal dan bunyi.

So, to me washing machine that looks cool is the front load one. But of course, it's very pricey compared to the top load type. Still surveying and still comparing. Still indecisive.

But anyhow, here's several points of comparison between these both types after some researching so far. May be useful for those who are in dilemma like me.

Front load:

1. Energy efficiency - jimat air & elektrik
2. Gentle on clothing

Top Load:

1. Faster cycle than the front load washing machine.
2. Easy to load and empty

So which one?


~Am said...

front load kalau ada have to use low suds detergent kalau pakai yang enviromental friendly as well....and then later kalau nak beli dryer boleh letak je kat atas your washer so save space

mygoldpen said...

tula, ari tu salesman tu ade ckp kne pakai special detergent tuk jenis front load ni...dynamo ade kn low suds detergent?