Friday, May 12, 2017

I Remember

I think at some point, we are all broken.

And this is especially for those who are now in a grieving state out of a break-up (of any kind of relationships) and feeling helpless,  let me brief you through the process.

Although this is not really a manual of "How To Heal A Broken Heart", somehow, I believe the process is the same for all of us. We take our own time, sometimes it may take years, but at least we're progressing. 

We hit rock bottom, hurt and broken. But the most important step after that is wanting to heal. You have to WANT to get better.

Don't worry too much, girls (or even guys). Don't be so sad. Remember that it's just a phase that you will get over with one day. 

I Remember

I remember
being so much in love
and yet
       feeling all broken
I remember
   standing from afar
   watching you
   with someone else

I remember
   telling myself
   "I am not good enough
   not pretty enough
   not enough"

I remember
    saying goodbye to 'us'
 the 'us' that never existed to you

I remember
   crying in the middle of the nights
   missing you

I remember
    struggling to wake up
  every morning

I remember
     faking a smile
 just to get through the day

I remember
       feeling dead inside

And then
   I remember deciding
   it had to stop

   I remember picking up the pieces

   I remember standing up

   I remember walking
       stumbling, but walking

   I remember re-gaining
        what was lost in me

   I remember healing


And I remember
  forgetting you.

Disclaimer: All poems may be or may not be from my own experience. Some are merely from observationsJust chill, don't speculate 😝😝

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