Friday, May 12, 2017

The One Who Dies Believing The Lies

"The One Who Dies
   Believing The Lies"

One thing about truth
it hurts when it hurts

As much as we want to be right
          we could be wrong, too

Could we be among the strong ones
to admit being the wrong one
           the mean one
           the bad one

Because if we are not
we'd just continue on living
    defying the truth
    believing the lies

There is nothing wrong being wrong
if we embrace the lesson
to learn
      and to grow

And there's nothing right about being right
if it only makes us full of ourselves;
if in the end
all we do is
      hurting others

Especially those who care
those who love
those who sacrifice
those we choose to forget

Sometimes all we have to do
is to look around more
to search for life outside our own
so that we can finally see
that things are not always about us
that others matter, too

Especially those who were there for us
      maybe not in the way we'd like them to
      maybe in a way we'd never understand
      maybe in the only way they could

Because the truth is
we are not always perfect
we are not always right
and we are not always the victim

It could have been worse
    than living in lies

we could die in vain
      believing the lies

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