Tuesday, May 23, 2017

My Rock

I printscreen-ed this from Yasin's instagram after the news of Chris Cornell's death. 

The words speak my mind about a certain phase that I've been through and how songs have helped me pushed through it.

"They've helped us moved on.
They've pushed us out of bed.
They've helped us live when nobody else had the time to.
Artists have inspired us in endless ways and have been with us through stages in our lives"

I had my dark moments. Moments when I felt so lost but couldn't tell anyone about it. It was depressing. I had lost interest in everything. All I wanted to do was sleep. And of course, it did affect my studies back then.

Along side with other 'self-treatment' there were also two major things that helped me get through that phase - Coldplay and Sheila On 7. I remembered listening to them every day and in a way I felt like I wasn't alone. Their songs soothed and accompanied me, along with my struggle to get better. They were not self-help songs but it was as if someone telling me that "You've got this. You will be okay".

I'm sure I am just one out of million others they've helped and inspired . But THANK YOU!!

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