Thursday, May 11, 2017

Of Survival and Humanity

Of Survival and Humanity

I turn on the TV
    nothing much on the screen
but wars and crimes
tears and blood.

It just keeps going on
         and on
like one human life
doesn't cost even a dime

As if it's unstoppable
as if it's inevitable

Is it the silence of the good
or is it in the hands of the crook?

Either way
   the world is dying, anyway

For one with no greed
   will never lead

But one with no mercy
    will rule society

And I wonder
  what's in it for the rest of us?

A pure human heart
  will never tolerate violence
should we then give up humanity
         to survive?

A true sane mind
   will never condone brutality
should we then give up sanity
        to stay alive?

But is it worth surviving
    in a world without humanity

Can we even call it a living
    in a world without sanity

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