Saturday, October 3, 2009

..this year's birthday present..

balik raya that day dapat birthday presents from my mom and sis.
so, 'tributing' this entry to them. besides experimenting with light and angle while taking the pics (ok, tipu..manela i tau pun pasal light and angle bagai - experimenting kunun, huh. *gelakkan diri sendiri)
1. i was in need for a new handbag and my mom just happened to have the instinct hehe. thanks mak, sayang mak :)
*background hijau/merah

2. and my sis, buyan, actually did take note wat i published in facebook few months ago (ala, yang Living Social's 5 things i want for my birthday) and telah sangat bermurah hati to give me the Elizabeth Arden's Pretty. isnt she sweet? thanks buyan, love u :)

*background hitam
3. since this year memang tak banyak dapat hadiah, (and to be frank wishes pun tak banyak) jadi letak lagi sekali my hubby's present walaupun dah buat entri pasal ni hari tu. kira macam summary la.

(tukar background merah pulak..ngee..;p)

p/s : anyway, i realised now that i'm getting nearer to that scary age (30++), birthday is not something to look forward to anymore. yes, scary..

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