Sunday, October 11, 2009

..the ugly truth..

just watched the movie.

my verdict : i'm not going to watch anythin with gerald butler anymore after this.

i've never liked him since p/s : i love you, but i cant resist katherine heigl. hehe. plus it's a romantic comedy story which i'm currently addicted to.

tapi yang tak bestnya, terbeli vcd yang subtitle english nya ntah apa-apa. yes i am so in need of the hearing impair. tapi kalau cerita light macam ni boleh paham lagi la. but i cant imagine watching Lord of The Ring without english substitle. confirm tak paham cerita. because i wont be able to distiguish between a word or a name (LOTR kan ada macam-macam nama yang pelik2). pathetic, i know i know. my listening skill is that poor - my listening point masa muet memang rendah sangat which sangat contributing to the band 4. bengang sangat sebab 6 point away je lagi nk dpt band 5. xleh ingat muka Mr Asokan (English lecturer) yang bersemangat nak tengok my muet result slip and terdiam bila tengok my result is band 4. i'm sorry i've let you down...huhu

ok, now back to The Ugly truth.

the plot was ordinary, battle of sexes kind of thing between female tv show producer, Abby and male host of a tv show, eh, tak ingat plak nama si gerald butler dalam cerita ni.

gaduh-gaduh, made a deal, gerald help abby getting her doctor-next-door, doctor fell for her, gerald secretly in love with her, just when gerald and abby are about to discover their true feelings towards each other - gerald left for another tv station.

the ending was predicted, they finally admit they fell in love with each other.blablabla.



~Am said...

sakit hati tengok chauvinisme dalam cerita's mike chadway, btw

mygoldpen said...

hi bolo..hoho, yela mike chadway. lgsg xdpt recall.