Saturday, December 26, 2009

..Look What I've Found..

jumpa ni masa temankan En Hubby carik DVD Supernatural.


yes. Desperate Housewives Year 6.

sungguh teruja walaupun cuma 1st volume je (2 DVD je which equals to 8 episodes). duk tunggu-tunggu kat 8TV ngan StarWorld tak muncul-muncul jugak lagi, 8 episod pun 8 episod lah.

Saya dah khatam - mari saya update sampai setakat first 8 episodes.

ingat tak finale episode Year 5 yang Mike kawen tapi tak disclose siapakah bride nyer? guess who? hehe. yes, it's Susan :) *i likeee...

seperti biasa every season akan ada dia punya spoiler. this time, it's a family who just moved from New york City - the Bolen's family, tapi sampai episod 8 - belum dapat tahu lagi what's the family's secret. yang pasti, their real name is not Bolen.

Update ikut watak lah senang sikit ek.

1. Susan & Mike:
- Got re-married

2. Gabby :
- Struggling to handle Carlos' niece - Anna.
- Remember John then gardener from DH season 1? He's now own a restaurant and still have feelings for Gabby. Thank God - Gabby turned him down hehehe
- Having problem to home-school Juanita who has been expelled from school after uttering the "F" word in public during a school play

3. Lynette :
- Got pregnant with twins again. In order to keep the promotion Carlos been offering her, she has to lie about her pregnancy

4. Bree
- Ni antara watak yang i paling tak suka dalam DH. She's still stucked in a marriage with Orson but having an affair with the womanizer - Karl Mayer (susan's ex-husband)
- but up until episode 8, she's still indecisive between Orson and Karl

5. Katherine
- Having emotional breakdown after Mike re-married Susan. Become obssessed with Mike and start to stalk Mike and Susan's life which then leads to Susan accidentally shot her

6. Julie Mayer
- Return to Wisteria Lane
- Didnt finish her med school - well, she's no longer the perfect daughter *sigh
- Found unconscious after being strangled by someone (the last suspect is Danny Bolen - the one she's having affair with)
- Having affair with married man (she broke up with him before the strangling thing)

7. Karen McClusky
- Is dating (alamak x ingat nama her date plak but they are sweet together)

8. Tom Scavo
- Still pursuing his study

9. Orson Hodge
- Still trying to win Bree back

10. Carlos
- Moves Lynette to Florida whe he found out about her pregnancy

11. Angie Bolen
- Knows about her husand affair with Julie
- tak tahu kenapa but i think she's the one who strangled Julie, not her husband *hehe siap buat teori sendiri pulak

Rasanya that's all. tak sabar nak tunggu the balance episodes, tapi tak tahu bila akan keluar..

Penantian suatu penyiksaanlah huhu :(

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