Saturday, December 12, 2009

..Year End..

it's year end. again. time for annual appraisal and also

The Asst Manager already passed down the Appraisal Form to be submitted back to him by this Dec 16. and some KPI to be completed by next week. huhu - this means next March ada bonus? hopefully. given the economical situation this year, i'm more than thankful even if it's only half of this year's value.

and as for Y.E.S, guessed as usual - i didnt really shop around. lagipun macam banyak kedai yang tipu time Y.E.S ni. they just suddenly marked up the price and then gave it 70% off. made it look like the initial price is RM100 and become RM30 after discount - when the truth is the actual price (before the sale thingy) has always been RM30. so it's no discount at all. bijak sungguh strategi pemasaran!

so, I guess, good luck in appraisal and selamat bershopping to all :)

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