Monday, January 11, 2010

..Something Weird..and creepy as well..

i had not heard of this person for years. the last time i saw this person i didn't really forgive this person (honestly at that time i wished that this person won't find happiness for the rest of the life), but at some point, i didn't give a damn anymore and i had forgotten.

but last saturday i had this weird dream. in that dream, we bumped into each other and this person gave me something like car keys ke apa tah and said sorry for everything she had done to me in the past.

and on sunday i was informed that this person had passed away in an accident last week (maybe last wednesday, or thursday, around that lah, not so sure)

so unbelievable at first....

but i recalled someone used to tell me - that sometimes the soul of the dead do come and visit us in dreams but they don't talk. they just like - appear. tak tahulah betul ke tak but it's contrary to what i had - the person did talk.

anyway, i'd like to take it as a co-incidence. tak payah pening-pening fikir.

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