Friday, January 1, 2010 year, new age, new resolution..

can't belive 2009 has come to its end..rasa macam baru je habis SPM and now i'm 'embracing' the age of 28...huwaaa.. i'm old, i'm old isk ;(

agak pelik - lepas je zaman sekolah, rasa masa tuh berlalu cepat sangat. each year passes without me quite realizing it. sedar2 dah year end, sedar2 umur dah 28 *sigh

i think it's lack (or none) of resolution *baik punye alasan that made it so..

so this year i need some resolution so i can stay motivated and focused throughout 2010:

- nak jadi muslimah yang lebih baik (to try to do ibadah2 sunat and be istikamah)
- to have baby : both hubby and me are ready now :)
- be a better superwife (more cooking, more efficient in home-making...)
- be a better daughter and sister
- career wise: get myself ready for new challenges
- take better care of hubby and myself (exercise regularly, eat healthily)
- want to start part-time business

That's the major ones. hope this 2010 will be fulfilled with lots and more faith, love, happiness, health, success, inspiration and motivation



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