Sunday, October 16, 2011

..I Am Just Me..

First of all, getting tired already to put up with the slow Internet connection and yet not able to upgrade due to the contract. Argghhhhh.........


Anyway, I have this problem.

When I respond / react to some rude or conceited remarks with such politeness, most of 'other' people tend to disapprove me *as if I need their approval??!!

And most of them will tell this to me: "Kau ni baik sangatlah. Kalau aku, aku sound je balik..blablabla"

Why is it a problem to them that I am totally not like that. That's just not how I am built <--pinjam ayat Dorothy from Jerry Maguire movie.



___Mrs Suhaidi___ said...

x rugi berbuat baik...kite hidup ni pun untuk Allah...dh lebih dari cukup kalau hanya Allah yang sayang & hargai kita....:)

mygoldpen said...

yn, i totally agree.. :)