Tuesday, October 11, 2011

..Re-visiting Childhood Memory..

When I was 12, I was so in love with these 2 comics. I borrowed from library (the one near to Padang Astaka) but never got the chance to read the endings. They were Japanese comics but the ones I read was in Bahasa Indonesia's translation.

Hmm, actually I think there were 3 comics, but I can't recall the other one.

Now, anyone know where can i find the complete series?


yatie chomeyl said...

izza x try cari kat Big Bad Wolf Book Sales kat serdang tu ke? nampak mcm ada bnyk jual komik, anime & manga..x sure la ada ke dop komik2 ni

mygoldpen said...

sale tu ade sapai bile ek?tp jauhla plop kt serdang..igt nk carik kt online je, tp dop jupe lg stakat ni

___Mrs Suhaidi___ said...

ingat citer ni...best!

mygoldpen said...

yan, zaman kanak2 dolu2 hehe :)