Tuesday, October 4, 2011

..Reality Vs Fiction..

Sometimes it does make me sick - watching typical drama Melayu. Bila orang-orang jahat ditimpa kesusahan/musibah, terus mereka-mereka itu insaf dan menyesali perbuatan jahat mereka.

Do you know things just don't work out like that in real world?

Sometimes I watch people (in reality) just do bad things to other people, without feeling any bit of guilt. And then, when bad things continuously happen to them, they just go on blaming everything and everyone else, instead of themselves. And even blame the fate - "Kenapalah nasib aku selalu susah macam ni?"

At one point, I just don't feel sorry for these people anymore. I feel like shouting at their face "HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF KARMA?!!"

But still, I know, who am I to judge people *sigh.

I really hope Allah will always guide me. From the ignorance of my own mistake.

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