Thursday, April 15, 2010

..Everybody's Fine..

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I was overwhelmed with emotion when I watched this. Because most of the time it reminded me of my Abah.

Especially when the father, Frank mentioned that everytime his kids called home, they'd surely go "Hi Dad. Is Mom here?" Terasa i. I did that, most of the times. Tak tahu kenapa, maybe sebab dah terbiasa bercerita kat Mak.

Back to Everybody's Fine. This is the story of a father of four (played by Robert DeNiro), who had just lost a wife. Beginning of the story shows how excited he is preparing the dinner when his children are all planning to come home, siap beli grill, the finest wine, etc, etc..Sweet sangat. But sadly, each of his kids cancel on him.

Then he decided to surprise his kids by visiting them. Since he cannot fly due to his health problem, he opted for bus and train.

First destination, New York. Kesian tengok dia tunggu depan apartment anak dia, David sampai ke malam and paginya dia pergi lagi, tapi David tak balik-balik rumah dan tak dapat dihubungi. But Frank managed to see David's painting at one nearby art gallery. That's what he always told David - to be an artist, instead of just a normal painter.

He then proceeded to his daughter's house, Amy (played by Kate Beckinsale). He planned to stay a little longer but had to leave the next day when Amy told him it's a very bad time to stay.

Bertolaklah dia ke Denver pulak for to see his other son, Robert (Sam Rockwell) who is actually a percussionist in an orchestra, instead of a conductor as Frank always thought. Masa ni nampak macam Frank agak kecewa yang anaknya hanyalah percussionist - but Robert convinced him that he was happy and fine with it.

Robert then lied that he had to fly to Europe that very evening for a concert, so Frank had to take the night train to Las Vegas - to meet his daughter, Rosie (Drew Barrymore).Rosie planned to have dinner out with Frank, but suddenly her friend, Jilly asked her to help babysit her son. So they stayed in, babysitting Jilly's son.

Owh, lupa pulak nak cerita yang sebelum naik train nak ke rumah Rosie tu, he tried to help a homeless boy by giving some money - but that ungrateful boy tried to rob him. He managed to push the boy, but unluckily, ubat dia terjatuh jugak. Budak saiko tu pijak and crushed his medicine. Kesian sangat tengok dia kutip balik ubat yang dah hancur tuh. And he called home after that, despite knowing that nobody's there, I guess he just wanted to hear his late wife's voice on the answering machine. Sedih gila..sobsob..

After one night stay at Rosie's cozy place, he ran out of medicine and decided to go home. This time by flight, against his doctor's advice. Dalam flight, unfortunately, he had a heart attack.

Dan sebenarnya si ayah ni tahu yang anak-anak dia tipu dia. I think he can sense it. He knows that Amy doesnt live with his husband anymore, that they were just pretending during his visit. He knows that Robert didnt fly to Europe the evening he came - because he saw the orchestra concert poster all over the town. He also knows that the child they're babysitting that night is actually Rosie's son.

The kids normally tell their mother about everything, but she then would only tell him the pleasant things. Maybe because he's the breadwinner and his wife wanted to spare him the unpleasant ones. Futhermore, he sets such a high expectation to each of his kids.

The three kids were around when he opened his eyes in a hospital, except for David, so he asked them not to lie anymore, and ask about David. Amy had to break the new that David had died - of drug overdose. David had moved to Mexico since their mother died and was caught in a bar while buying drugs. He was too panic that he swallowed all of the drugs. Amy went to Mexico to check on David the night after Frank's visit. Sedih, sedih.... :(

Tapi nasib baik ending dia best. They are all together during Christmast , preparing the house and the meal. Sweet. And Frank told his wife when he visited her grave, that the kids are all fine

Saya suka movie ni - a lot.

P/s: The soundtrack, I Want To Come Home is written by Paul McCartney - nominated in Golden Globe for Best Song.

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